Conclusion Machinima

It is alive! My newest Fallout 3 machinima called Conclusion, a story about love and revenge, can now be seen on Youtube! I have spend a lot of time mixing the video with the audio to fit the dupstep/orchestra sound and I have to say I like how it turned out. The cool song is called Requiem and it is created by Broove over at NewgroundsThanks for letting me use it!

Conclusion Poster
A poster I created for the machinima.

Also, something totally new! Taernoc Productions logo music have changed from the old generic and boring electrical sound and now actually have a type of song! This is thanks to Oscar Remius aka Maverlyn. Big Thanks to Oscar for the intro song!

And here it is, Conclusion! Enjoy!


  1. Amazing video, and I loved the dubstep. It sent chills through my skin when I saw the final moment leading up to the conclusion. Well played. You have no idea how close I came to making Fallout machinima, and I still have some demo videos laying around somewhere that never got finished.

    -Cody Bergland
    Owner, Jaggyroad Films

  2. Thanks Cody :D Would have been pretty awesome to see what kind of Fallout machinima you would make.

  3. This improve my knowledge of machinima.... keep it up