Long Time No Blog

Well been a long time since I last blogged about anything. Things keeping me busy including my Stargate RP group in Second Life and other events.

New Movie will be posted soon, this time for a friend, so keep a look out for that. Other than that not much to say for now, so see around soon.

Song of Second Life

Well surfing the internet has brought this up today! A cool rock song about the virtual world of Second Life called Second Life by Tarsha! The song is sweeeet, so check it out!!

New Movie Done!

New movie is done! This is a more thank you movie for everyone that has supported me!


Well just a update on why im so quiet as off late. Been busy busy with my stargate rp group in Second Life to move to a new base. Havent really had time for anything else.

Will try and spend some quality time with the new video I want to get out there before this month is over.


Blog Redone, again!

Well had to redo the blog. Seems like the other theme had some problem on it as it only loaded the full theme some of the times, other times it display everything with none of the theme.

So here we go, the new layout!

Blog Layout Under Construction

kk, that should be it. Found a nice one and looks alot better. The 3 links to the websites is stil at the top and added most of the stuff that was on this blog. Leave a comment about what you think of it.

For the next hour or so this space might look a big weird. Going to change it to a new theme as the current one isnt totally me.

Alteran Stargate Gate Instructions

Well decided to create this graphic after I met several people that dont really know much about the stargate and how to work in Second Life.

I also emailed Zachary from Alpha-Fox and he actually wants to put it in the official stargate package!!! w00t! :D

I put it as a freebie on Xstreet aswell, so click the link at the top of the page to get it!

Alteran Stargate Instructions

Rez Day

Whoooo! Im a total of 3 years old :D Wel might not seem old, but sure is a long time to Second Life standards. :D Thx to all my friends that came to the party!!

Rez Day Party


Well that hint i gave a while back that said "infection". Well here it is, the movie of the game [Prototype]. Showing off all kinds of things in it, so hope you enjoy!!!!

PS. For incase anyone is wondering, evasto is latin for to lay waste, devastate. Thought it fits the movie well :D

New Xstreet Items!!

Well, decided to push some good hours into getting all those done and dusted items of mine in Second life online to Xstreet, and im proud to say their all online now after spending several hours taking pictures, setting them up and filling in everything on Xstreet.

You can find all my items by clicking the tab at the top of the page that says Xstreet!!!

Blind Answers

Yup, thats the name of the vid, and its online now and in HD(oh i love HD ^.^). Hope ya all like the vid!!!

Update on newest movie.

Wow really need to stop calling it the newest movie, need a name, hehe.

Well, last night we did the first part of the filming with a fantastic cast, had several laughs and got alot of filming done. After all of it, we took a picture of everyone there. The picture dont include ALL the cast, since some need to leave earlier, but its a nice shot of those who were there.

Cast Shot

More updates coming soon!!!

New movie in production!

Well my new movie is finnally in production. This one will be like my recent movies based in the virtual world of Second Life. This is also not a commercial. Dont want to give away to much, but here is a picture of one of the sets I just finished building for the movie :D.

New movie's Set

There is another vid planned after this one, so will give everyone one tip,"infection". hehe