New Product Series Released!

Yes, they are finally done and for sale over at the marketplace! Film productions products off all kinds to enhance your machinima production just that bit more! There is a Film chair, Boom Mic, Movie Camera, Camera Crane, Movie Star Trailer, Movie Light, Clapperboard, Megaphone, Tripod and Studio Camera. Some of them offer free updates as well when I release new ones ^^

I was busy making my most recent machinima “Journey to the Top” when I wanted to take some photos of me doing filming when I realised I need to make cameras! From there idea after idea flowed in my head and I just made more stuff ^^.

I also updated the boxes that my products are delivered in. They have an unpacker now to give the box’s contents neatly in a folder for you. With this, it also animates the container, like opening it up with a nice sound effect. Check the pictures below.

Containers ClosedContainers Open

I am offering full support for all my products once again and I will be looking at my old products in the near future and updating them if need be. Now stop reading and go do some shopping! :D

Ants in my external hard drive cover... again!

Yup, believe it or not, I have a ant problem in my external hard drive's cover... again. I have a Seagate 1TB external... so it wasn't that easy to open it up to get the buggers out. Last week I had the problem and took care of it with a vacuum cleaner... seems like they are going after the heat of the external. It was then that I took this picture. (sorry for the quality, was a little bit in a hurry to get rid of them).

Ants in external hard drive
Ants ants ants... oh and little white eggs....

So tonight I discovered, they have returned again! Not so many as last time, but there were a few eggs again. Took care of it and read online as well that ants don't seem to like cinnamon powder.. so will be getting some tomorrow and testing it out. Ill update soon to let you know how it works.

PS. The hard drive is still working :P


Hi all!

Well I been busy working on that series of objects I want to release soon, but in the mean time I decided to spend some times on logo's as well and decided to share them here too.
One of them some of you most likely already saw and that is the one of Taernoc Productions. It is the new name of my machinima productions and can be seen at the start and end of my newest movie, "Journey to the Top".

Taernoc Productions Logo
Taernoc Productions - All Rights Reserved.

The other logo is a redesign of Braclo Novo, my Second Life store. Since im going to release my new projects and begin updating my old ones, I found it appropriate to start with a new logo aswell.

Braclo Novo Logo
Braclo Novo - All Rights Reserved.

Watch this space as I will be updating it with pictures and descriptions of my new products soon.

New Movie and Production Name!

It is finally done, the movie I have been working on for the past few weeks!
This one is called "Journey to the Top" and its a entry for the MachinUWA III: Journeys Challenge. The theme of this challenge is Journeys, so it is pretty open to what you want to do. Also one major rule is that the Journey start/end at the Winthrop Clock tower at the UWA sim. 

Heres the story: "Drax is a Micro that is always in search of adventure, with his newest inspiration being to journey to the top of Winthrop Clock tower at the UWA sim. But what is any adventurer without his friends, so he decides to convince Vi to join him to be the first Micros to reach the top of Winthrop Clocktower."

This is actually my first machinima with voice acting and also the first one that I have so many songs in one movie.

Taernoc Productions is also launched! :D This is the new productions name that my movies will go under from now on ^^. You can see the new logo and intro at the start of the machinima and the logo and name is already on my Youtube page. I'll probably update the theme soon too ^^

So here it is, Journey to the Top!

Busy, Busy Update

I haven't posted for a while so I decided ill give a quick update on what I have been doing and what I still have to do!

So for everyone that has been waiting for a new movie from me, yes, a new one is on the way and no, this isn’t just a trailer for a game like my recent movies. I have actually written a movie script for it so you can expect a story in this one! Current status on the movie is that the pre-production is done and filming about halfway. Depending on how it goes this weekend, I might be releasing it sometime next week. I’m trying something new in this movie that I haven’t really done before, but more on this later. What I will say for now is that the filming is being done in Second Life.

Second Life & Animations:
I am pretty active in Second Life these days and not just because of the movie I am making there. I'm building and scripting again. My newest series of products will also probably be done before the end of next week. Also, I have started learning to do animations in Daz Studio. These animations will be used in my products and will be handy if I need custom animations for my movies.

Script Frenzy:
Script Frenzy has started! Currently the idea is to write a movie script for an idea I had a while back and hopefully I can achieve the target of 100 pages or more this month for Script Frenzy. Maybe I’ll even use this script for a future movie. Will see how this goes and probably update the blog as it goes.

So yea, between building, programming, filming (and movie editing soon), learning animations and having to start writing the Script Frenzy script, it’s a pretty busy life. Ill update here as things progress!