Time for a update... and... product!!

Greetings all!

Since I have been busy a lot lately, following is a lot of updates of upcoming and currently in progress projects, but first... my recently released product, Comrido.

Comrido is a radio system that works region wide and enables easy communication for residents. If it is just for chatting or role-playing, this system is for you. Depending on which system you use, they all have their own features.

1. Comrido RGU Unit - The RGU unit is a radio giver unit that gives out radios to anyone the owner permits. This radio will then sync with the unit it came from and be able to use the custom channels set up by the owner. Other features include ability to communicate on all channels at once, communicate with other base units (same owner only), floating text, access menu's and more! The RGR Radios (given by a RGU unit) have a battery system that will slowly run out when you leave the region the unit is in.

2. Comrido U Unit - The U unit is similar as the RGU except for the fact that it does not give out radios. This is more meant for the Comrido R Radios so that you can set up custom channels for your group.

3. Comrido R Radio - The R radio has a default set of ten channels, but can also be sync up to 10 different units, adapting with their channels as well. This way you can easily switch between different units to communicate. It also have no battery system and can be used anywhere.

I have a few features that I still want to add to the Comrido units and some extra products that will be compatible, so watch this space for updates! Check out the marketplace links and my store for more information on this product.

Onto some projects I am working on and planning.

I am currently working on a machinima for the MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artist challange called Vito. Some of you might remember my last entry for the MachinimUWA competition was Journey to the Top with the micros. This one won't be about Drax and Vi again, but a bit more serious and deeper story.

This does not mean Drax and Vi will be a one machinima story. I am hoping to do in the near future another machinima with them in it, so don't loose hope yet. On the topic of sequels, my Oblivion/Fallout machinima, Division, has gotten a lot of good responses and I am actually considering making another machinima to continue the story from where it left off last time.

I am also considering redoing the blog theme... again. Something about the theme still puts me off.. what it is exactly, I don't know. I do know that I would like a more clean and smooth appearance, so will see what I can do about that.

So one Machinima in production, two planned and new theme planned again. Think that's all of it... hmmm... yup that's it! Will update as things progress!

5042607 Seconds to Skyrim!

5042607 seconds (or about 84043 Minutes, or 1400 Hours, or 58 Days) UTC time, that is the time left before the awesome release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on 11.11.11.  Well it was when I started writing this... its less now... In any case, the release is coming closer and closer and the game looks amazing. If your not a Elder Scrolls fan yet and you like RPG games, you soon will be!

Yesterday three previews that count all the way up to just over 20 minutes was released, showing what was shown behind closed doors as E3. Some of it we have already seen, but there is new things and you can hear the epic music really nicely, especially during the dragon battle!
One thing I have noticed though, and some Morrowind fans might be able to help with this, around 30 seconds of the third demo video, the music sounds a lot like Morrowind's. Now I know Jeremy Soule is doing/did the soundtrack for Skyrim again just as he did for Morrowind and Oblivion, just that specific song sounds very familiar!
Anyways, here is the three demo videos if you haven't seen it yet! Enjoy!