Salutations - Machinima

I am happy to introduce my latest machinima, Salutations!!

I started filming this a few days after they added the first person camera to Guild Wars 2, a much requested feature. So, to say thank you for the feature and just show off some beautiful areas, I decided to make this fun video!

In several scenes you can really see the height difference, especially against the Norns, since I play as an Asura. It sure gives the game a different feeling at times, and I started to notice some things I never even knew was in the world.

Be sure to check my Flickr for some shots I took while we did the filming.

The fun song I used is called Hello by OMFG and can be found here:

Black & White Theme

I think I am happy with this theme for now.

 It is basic, but it is also very clean and links to everything I want it to link to. There might be some small changes now and then, but nothing major.

For those interested where I got the design, it is over at called "Mimes-Blog", with some changes I did here and there to make it fit in more with what I wanted.

Also... I will be posting my latest machinima tomorrow!!

Under Construction

It is that time again. I am currently in the process of changing this blog to be more responsive and user friendly.

Please excuse the mess while I change things.