Mass Effect 3 Tribute

Well it has been a long time since I released any machinima, but today I break that silence.

After hearing Malukah's beautiful song and recently completing Mass Effect 3 (yup, that's why I have been so quiet on the blog), I just had to make a tribute to this amazing series. Since Mass Effect, this series has shown a new type of RPG with an amazing story and a galaxy filled with detailed lore.

This tribute shows my Shepard and his story. It has been an amazing run from the first Mass Effect, with some funny moments that made me laugh so hard, emotional moments that made me tear up, decisions that I regret making and adrenalin filled moments that just made me want to kick some organic and synthetic behinds! It was truely a series I enjoyed every moment off (yes, even scanning every planet and reading it's details) and even if it makes me sad to see it come to an end, it was an honor to play it all the way through from the first Mass Effect.

The song used in the machinima is called Reignite by Malukah and if you haven't heard about Malukah yet then now is the time! She is an amazing music artist with a beautiful voice that did several covers of Skyrim songs which is where I first heard her voice. Her latest song is the one I used in my machinima and it really made the machinima, while at the same time honouring Mass Effect in a great way! Be sure to check out her channel and also check out the original Reignite video by her.

I know there is a great amount of controversy about the ending which I mostly do not agree on, but Bioware is working on a Extended DLC to add a bit more to the ending which will be interesting to see. There was also the issue with the face import from Mass Effect 2 which ended up with me waiting a month for a patch after I got it before starting to play. Sadly this is an issue with a lot of games these days, releasing them before they are ready.

In any case, overall I loved the series and it was truly one of the best game series that I have ever played. Big thanks goes out to Bioware for creating this galaxy filled with characters I fell in love with. Also thanks to Microsoft for publishing the first game and EA for publishing the second and third game.

Note: This video contains spoilers, so if you are playing the game or want to in the future and prefer not to have it spoiled, it is better if you do not watch this.