Penguins in Google Street View!

Well seems like this has been here for a while but I thought I will let anyone know if you do not know yet... 
There is penguins running around wild in Google Street View!!! Ok not to panic, seems like their just exploring Antartica for the moment :P

While exploring the world and street view yesterday on Google Maps, I thought I saw a little blue line on Antartica, and when I placed the yellow street view guy on that blue line, boom, he changed to a penguin!  

Brian McClendon, the lead of the Earth and Maps team, took the photos himself when he visited Antartica with his wife back in January 2010. You can read more about it over on the Official Google Blog. You can also go and check out the expedition trail and some awesome photos over on the Picasa Web Album.

Awwww! Look at all the penguins!!

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