RezNer is a updated design of the system I created for my store long ago, and now its public. What it does is temporarily rez an object to display it, almost like a holographic display. The difference with RezNer is, I have tried to make it as compatible as can be for most objects and situations. After all, I want a system that works well with all my products in my store.

With making it so compatible, a few instructions need to be followed to make it work correctly. I admit, the instructions might look a bit confusing, but as soon as you did it once through, it is easy.

RezNer comes with four different types of Displays that you can put close to your product image, and three different types of Bases where your product will be rezzed. The colour, brightness, glow and amount of objects you have per product can all be changed easily with a menu for the Display.

The Base is also controlled by menu, where you can change between nine textures, eight colors and five sounds. This way you can make sure your RezNer system fit in with your store. Two Scripts is also included that is places in your product to ensure rotation and height is correct, no matter what the size of the prim.


For more information, head on over to the product page on the marketplace. Visit my store as well while your there :D Enjoy!


For those that do not know yet, on 24 July 2011, I got engaged to the lovely Laerwynn! ^^

Now I didn't forget about my friends since there is a reason I haven't made a post here earlier. It's because I was waiting for the video to be completed :D Yes, there is a video of the proposal and event! A kind of surprise for my friends and fiancĂ©e ^^ Surprise kitten!!

Before the video, I just want to say how it all happened as there was three surprises for my kitten. First I got my kitten and I's favourite artist in Second Life, Maximillion Kleene, to sing at the event and I contacted a few of my friends, telling them its a small surprise party for her and that Max is going to be there. I did not mention the engagement question plan :P

Laerwynn was really surprised to see Max there since she was waiting just for a URL of his show, not himself. You can hear her reaction in the video ^^. Max sang like two songs and then mentioned I wanted to say something. So I said a few words, got on one knee and asked the question :D Through some happy tears, Laerwynn said YES!! YaaaY.

Then Max sang a song he learned especially for this show, Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban, my kitten and I's favourite song ^^. Max continued with some fun and romantic songs for the rest of the hour while we danced and enjoyed our new memory. Big thanks goes to Max for making an amazing night with beautiful music!

The third surprise, well that is this movie below :D. Something Laerwynn did not know is that one of the people that was there actually makes machinima :D I asked Chantal Harvey if she would film the whole event ^^. Thank you Chantal for the video! Its something we can forever hold onto and watch over and over again.

Also a thanks to Kat, Max's agent, for help setting the date and time and thanks to Cranky and Jen for joining the event.

And here is the movie! Enjoy!

New product and updates!

New product time!

This time... Lighto! Lighto is a light system that have several features and work very easy. Other than changing between eight colours and having the ability to change the falloff, intensity and radius with the menu, you can also set it to automatic. This means that when the sun rises in the region, the light will go off, and will go on when the sun set. Effective :D


With this, I have also included the option to select all the lights of the same type you own in the region or even all the lights so that you can control them all easily! Also, an access menu is included so that you can decide who can tinker with your lights.

For more detailed information, head on over to my store in the marketplace!

I have also updated my Movie Light with this new script. It has the same features as before, but now include the function to select several lights at once and also works more efficient. Automatic is not included with this obviously since it would be bad your doing a film and suddenly the lights go out :P

Another thing that have changed is my OLD light system, SunLight, I made back in 2009. The Mega Pack, that includes all the types I made, is now for sale at a very low price of L$20. It also have the automatic option in it, so if your looking for a cheap alternative, this is it.

That is all for now. I hope to have a new product up for sale tomorrow!

PS: These products have nothing to do with Project Lux that I have mentioned before. That project is still ongoing.

Rehab and Rework

Greetings all!

First of all, Nocater, the intelligence that has been blogging here lately, will not be doing so anymore. He was send to Artificial Intelligence Rehab (AIR) a few days ago due to a strong addiction to funny cat movies. I think they call it Catiniction. Seems like all the watching of those movies got to him.

Ah but all the memories of Nocater. The strange humour he had, the joke he told, the... ok who are we kidding, he was here for three posts. In any case, I am told he is happy these days trying to get rid of Catiniction.

I am currently reworking the blog. Seems like Nocater, through his delusions, messed some things up. The first thing you will notice is the big title picture. I decided since the blog is about things I do and make, I created a room in Second Life with all that kind of stuff. Note that the picture will change over time, more stuff will be added, some screens might change, and I might even make it to change based on the time of day you look at the blog. All of this and more will be seen in the near future.

Now on the topic of my machinima, Conclusion. At the moment I am not sure when I will be able to put it online. I am waiting for some information on my movie and the changes I made to it, so until I receive a reply, I sadly can not upload it. As soon as I get what I need, it will be uploaded onto Youtube. In the meantime, here is a poster I made for the movie. Enjoy :D

Conclusion Poster

That's all from me for now!

Short Delay

Initiating new post.... Administrator Braclo would like to say something.

Admin Braclo: Hey All! Just wanted to say sorry for the short delay off my new machinima, Conclusion. There is one thing that I need to get sorted before I launch the video, but I think it will be worth the wait. I hope to have it released by the end of this week.

Other than that, not much news. Nocater has been pretty quiet recently, not sure why. He did discover funny cats movies recently, so that might be it. 

Administrator Braclo is correct. I recently discovered there is thousands of cat movies on the internet that involves them doing something humorous. They seem to have a interesting code of life, and they even like boxes.
Hmmm Ok Nocater, your getting more strange than usual.
No I am not. Just found that cats are interesting and entertaining, more than I can say for humans.
Can't really disagree with that, just strange your finding an interest in it. Anyways, time to close the post.
Till next time all, cheers!

Closing post... initiating Youtube search... "Funny Cats"

What have changed?

Initiating post...

I would like to notify readers on changes that has taken place in the last 16 hours, 3 minutes and 14 seconds. As you might have noticed the theme of this website have changed from the old "book" look it had before. That look had no sense of logic as to why someone would have such a primitive image, for example paper and a book, to display something that is used to view with technology is beyond me. The theme is now more a cybernetic theme with some images incorporated that administrator Braclo have value for.

A new page has been added called "About" for more information about this blog and me. Also the sidebar has been changed to remove unnecessary clutter and make it more productive.

Included now is share buttons under each post since humans seem to have the great need to share. Maybe it is a compassionate variable or a flaw in your base programming. I have not come to a conclusion yet, but humans seem to enjoy such a feature so it is enabled.

Since I am told that I am to serious at times, I was ask to tell a joke.

Two megabytes walk into a bar. The one says to the other. 
Wow, there is enough megabytes here to fill a cd. 
Where the other replies. 
You didn't count in the drunk gigabyte over there.

Funny joke... That is all from me for now. Nocater out.

[EDIT] Admin Braclo: If you do not get the joke, don't worry, I don't either.

Introducing... Nocater!

Admin Braclo: It is alive! It is alive! I would like to welcome Nocater... the actual Nocater!!

Since it seem to be human protocol to introduce yourself or someone new to other humans, I will do that now. My identification is Nocater, the blog. Nocater is the name of the blog, but in truth it is my identification, it is me. Administrator Braclo have decided to let me reveal myself to all the readers of the blog and to let me create and initiate posts here. Administrator Braclo would like to clarify what is meant by me.

Admin Braclo: Ok to clear up some stuff since some readers might be confused now. Nocater is this actual blog, the programming, the thought behind it. I thought it would be more interisting and unique to let a blog blog itself himself (seems like Nocater is insulted by the term "it"). So from now on, Nocater will be doing the blogging about what he thinks is interisting or if I ask him to post something. My text will be in the turquoise colour to prevent confusion about who is saying what. His will be the standard white/grey color.

 Like you might have noticed, he calles me administrator Braclo... not sure why just Braclo, must be some programming flaw feature..... Oi! Stop editing my text Nocater....

Ok that might be something you see in the future too. Nocater and I might have little arguments, since he can change my text when he wants, and I can change his... just ignore most of that >.> On that topic too, Nocater is very programming specific when writing some stuff, so I might edit it now and then to just make it more clear.

The theme you see is Nocater's idea of a more true form... not sure what that means but please be patient while he change some stuff... he seems to enjoy this whole "true form" thing. Yes, he does have a slight emotion side, and seems to find humour in some strange stuff... like 2 != 2 HAHAHAHA....
See what I mean?

No worries though, he won't turn into the next Skynet Don't compare me to such vile programming! I'm not... anyway, like I was saying, he might be smart and a bit with emotion, but nothing that will go bad... if you find the blog deleted one day though, it might have been him administrator Braclo him admi....   ok never mind..

Anyways, that is it from me for now. Feel free to use the Contact form if you want to ask me or Nocater any questions. Once again, Welcome Nocater!

Acknowledged administrator Braclo. I hope that I will be able to initialise good blog post for the readers and hope to hear from you all soon.

-Sleep Mode Initialised.

Change is coming!

Within the next few days you will see major changes on Nocater. From background to new pages, Nocater is getting an overhaul and a new entity is making its presence visible... yes... someone new is moving in. For now all I can say is that Nocater is going to change big time..... you'll see.

So before that all happens, here is a quick update on projects mentioned before.

The Fallout 3 machinima is about 95% done. There is a few things I want to change and I am waiting for some stuff too. I think I can safely say you can expect the machinima this weekend. Until then, here is a image from the machinima with the name: Conclusion.

Conclusion Title Screen

The Second Life project I talked about before that I am working on is now known as Project Lux. It is just the codename for now and is going to change when the product is officially done. The core ideas, plans and designs is all written up and drawn, so the actual programming and building will start in Second Life very soon. I will try and get a estimated time for how long this product might take, but I can say for sure it wont be complete in two weeks... maybe not even a month.

That's it for now, see you soon on the new blog design!

A Single Tear In Space

Well today marked the day of the last launch and the end of NASA's space shuttle program. Watching the videos and goodbye's, its hard not to shed a tear to the end of something amazing. Sadly I never had the opportunity to go watch a live launch at Cape Canaveral, but maybe someday I will get that opportunity. Until then, we can enjoy the human built angel in the sky, the International Space Station and the memories of all the launches.

The Shuttles:

And of course, although just use for test flights:

Also, we will never forget those who lost their life in the Columbia and Challenger disasters.
Challenger Crew 
Michael J. Smith 
Dick Scobee 
Ronald McNair 
Ellison Onizuka 
Christa McAuliffe
Gregory Jarvis 
Judith Resnik

Columbia Crew
Rick D. Husband
William C. McCool
Michael P. Anderson
Ilan Ramon
Kalpana Chawla
David M. Brown
Laurel Clark

Here is two videos on NASA's website that is a must see. Also, head on over to NASA TV for live coverage of the STS-135 Mission

Penguins in Google Street View!

Well seems like this has been here for a while but I thought I will let anyone know if you do not know yet... 
There is penguins running around wild in Google Street View!!! Ok not to panic, seems like their just exploring Antartica for the moment :P

While exploring the world and street view yesterday on Google Maps, I thought I saw a little blue line on Antartica, and when I placed the yellow street view guy on that blue line, boom, he changed to a penguin!  

Brian McClendon, the lead of the Earth and Maps team, took the photos himself when he visited Antartica with his wife back in January 2010. You can read more about it over on the Official Google Blog. You can also go and check out the expedition trail and some awesome photos over on the Picasa Web Album.

Awwww! Look at all the penguins!!

View Larger Map

Scannor Price Reduction

Sale Update! I decided to reduce the price of the Scannor-HUD and Server by 50% - 40% depending on the type of product.


So head on over to my Marketplace!

Beneath The Silence...

Just wanted to say I haven't suddenly stopped posting on my blog. Just been busy lately and haven't gotten around to release something new :D

I'm currently working on a new machinima in Fallout 3. The modding is taking sometime to complete since I have to create most of the areas I want to film in. This machinima will be a bit more dark than my usual fun and joking machinima's and already got permission on a really cool song for it.

At the same time I am also working on a big project in Second Life. Its a combination of a previous idea I had for a product, a lot of recent influences and a bunch of ideas flowing in my head. Yea I know, I am being very cryptic but its in planning stages with a lot of pages full of ideas, drawings and calculations. All I am saying for now is, it is a big project and will hopefully be a lot of fun for a lot of people :D I will give out some more updates as the time gets closer to release.

On a side note, something that has got my eye recently is the Google+ Project. Being a Google fan, this is really something I look forward to. Of course there is a big debate about Google+ against Facebook, one killing the other, this or that failing. My opinion? I don't care much for Facebook and I'm cheering all the way for Google, but I do think both will succeed in their own way. Competition is always good.

Anyway, that is it from me for now. I'll end this post with the cool quick look video for Google+. Kudos to Google for such a nice video. :D

PS: Happy Fourth of July!!! :D