After Death available for download!

You can now download After Death from Tesnexus! Note that you need a Nexus account to be able to download files larger than 2MB, and After Death is a lot larger than 2MB >.>

Very well done Filmography

Surfing the internet I discovered this movie made by Gen Ip. For anyone that likes movies, this is a must see!

Vicera Images

I recently made a movie called After Death. It is about a girl called Vicera that is making trouble in Cheydinhall and trouble soon starting for her when the count hire warriors to take care of her.

Well, I have just posted two new images of her.

Touch of Magic

Enjoy! :D


New Design and New Start

Greetings all!

Yup, I am finally back here on my blog. After being gone more than a year, I have returned with a new design and new links on my blog.

Some changes might still occur here and there ( I like clicking stuff :D ), but this is the start!

My YOUTUBE videos, FLICKR photos and SECOND LIFE STORE can be reached through the links on the page like before, and now, you can also check out my TES NEXUS page where I post my The Elder Scrolls mods, images and videos.

Well, just wanted to make a intro post, so watch this space as updates will follow!


PS: My blog can now be reached by going to