BanP 2.0

Time for a product update!

BanP is now at version 2.0. This version improve on everything that already existed and a few new features were added.

First of all, behind the scenes the code got a major revamp. Much of the code have been changed to work a lot faster with a lot less effort. The difference might not be seen much, but trust me, it works great now :D The whole device also works differently now with how it display the beacons and the direction you are going, but most of that is once again, behind the scenes.

The second biggest change is the design. There are nine textures you can set for your banline detector, and ten different colors which you can apply to the Direction Indicator, Beacons, Scanner effect and Center Position. The Direction is also not floating text anymore, but actual letters at the top of the device, and the scanner effect can now be turned off if it gets annoying.

And that is it! Hope everyone likes the new BanP and if you do not have one yet, you can get it here!


So last night Laerwynn and I decided we are going to play a bit of Slender at the same time. What end up happening is a lot of running in circles, cursing at monkeys and talking about stuff that do not even make sense. Good thing I decided to record it all.

For all that do not know the game, it is a first person horror that basically loves to scare the hell out you... fun game, and it is free! If you would like to be scared into oblivion, you can download it here:

Here is the video, hope you have a good laugh haha.