Wingman's Hangar Anniversary

Greetings all!

So to celebrate the one year annivarsary of Wingman's Hangar over at Robert Space Industries, I decided to make this video showing what it is all about and what happened this past year :D

For those that do not know what Wingman's Hangar is, it is a weekly show that gives info on the development of Star Citizen, with reviews, forum feedback and more!

So here it is! Congratulations again to the Wingman's Hangar team!

Teporial Update!

Another update! Whoooo!
This one is for my teleport system, Teporial.

Teporial has been mostly rebuild (now partial mesh!) to add more detail to it and a spin effect was added in the center when you start to teleport. Also, the Black Rock theme from version 1 was removed and replaced by a Colors theme.

There is still a lite version that is one prim only, although the standard one is two prims now instead of four that version 1 was. Version 1 is still included when you purchase it for those that preferred the old version.

Other than that, the scripts has been slightly changed to work with the new build and to tune some stuff to work better.

For those that have already bought it, you should have received your update by now. If not, you can head on over to my in-world store and use the redeliver terminal.

Yay, Animated Gif :D

Hope you all like it! :D

BanP Update!

BanP, my ban line detector, is now version 3.0 with a few new features.

First, the biggest addition is the rez zone detector. By switching to rez in the menu, you will now be able to see where rez zones are, making it easy for you to find an area to rez a vehicle.

The sides of the direction indicator will turn green (detecting rez zones) and red (detecting ban lines) to show you what it is currently looking for.

The other feature I added is distance lines on the HUD, making it easier to determine how far a ban line (or rez zone) is from you. You can change the color to your liking or you can turn it off completely.

Everyone should have received the update by now, but if you haven't, you can head on over to my store and pick it up at the redeliver terminal.
Hope you like the new update to BanP!