Deshima Movie

Well new movie is up. After hearing the song by Gregory Bakay, I just couldn't help myself to make this movie.

Hope you like it!

The Days of 1.9

Feel oh so long ago but surprisingly, it aint. In the days of 2006 I joined the world of Second Life in search of new adventures and far-off lands to explore. I set foot on the lands of 1.9, the version of Second Life back then. Now I was so excited to explore this new world that after I finished the orientation island and my tp to a infohub, I went of flying. Off to explore this new strange world with all kinds of things, learning as I go and observing this new life.

Now in those early days, we had no power and no fresh water... (cough) kk wasn't that bad and I joined in 2006, where Second Life started way back in 03. But still, back in 1.9 the sky's looked blue during the day with weird puffy clouds, but still with nice starry nights. No glowy effects or detailed apples(basic sculpty) and yup, no voice. We all typed typed typed, which is funny to see people's reactions these days when you tell them there was no voice and they go.... "How did you talk to each other then..." ^^. But ahhh, those were the days....

Early Days of SL pic
Me and my friend Yoni back in 07... Old viewer picture.

These days we have all the fancy gadgets with all the fancy effects and SL has grown big, and I cant complain about that. Its interisting to see the world around you change so fast and grow so nicely, but sometimes you just sit on that mountain, watch into the pixalated sunset and think of those old days without all this.

I know there is alot of people that battle to run Second Life with all these special effects and are forced to upgrade their computers. Now for all of you that wont mind loosing some of those effects to have a better experience, there might just be a solution.

I went off and looked for a nice 'ol viewer that might help people in that problem and what I've found is Cool Viewer. I have tested it and you do indeed gain some performance as neither windlight nor glow effects are in this viewer. It kicks the laggy features but keep up to date to the needed ones like Voice, Sculpties, Mono scripts.

Me testing the Cool Viewer. Looks similar to the old one.

Just follow this link >><<

Read through that and what your looking for is the Legacy Renderer where it says as well that its recommended for older PC's.

I hope this helps people and if you need any help dont be afraid to leave a comment here and ask for help or if you can, IM me inworld. My name in SL is Braclo Eber.

Take Care and Safe Travels,