Wingman's Hangar Anniversary

Greetings all!

So to celebrate the one year annivarsary of Wingman's Hangar over at Robert Space Industries, I decided to make this video showing what it is all about and what happened this past year :D

For those that do not know what Wingman's Hangar is, it is a weekly show that gives info on the development of Star Citizen, with reviews, forum feedback and more!

So here it is! Congratulations again to the Wingman's Hangar team!

Teporial Update!

Another update! Whoooo!
This one is for my teleport system, Teporial.

Teporial has been mostly rebuild (now partial mesh!) to add more detail to it and a spin effect was added in the center when you start to teleport. Also, the Black Rock theme from version 1 was removed and replaced by a Colors theme.

There is still a lite version that is one prim only, although the standard one is two prims now instead of four that version 1 was. Version 1 is still included when you purchase it for those that preferred the old version.

Other than that, the scripts has been slightly changed to work with the new build and to tune some stuff to work better.

For those that have already bought it, you should have received your update by now. If not, you can head on over to my in-world store and use the redeliver terminal.

Yay, Animated Gif :D

Hope you all like it! :D

BanP Update!

BanP, my ban line detector, is now version 3.0 with a few new features.

First, the biggest addition is the rez zone detector. By switching to rez in the menu, you will now be able to see where rez zones are, making it easy for you to find an area to rez a vehicle.

The sides of the direction indicator will turn green (detecting rez zones) and red (detecting ban lines) to show you what it is currently looking for.

The other feature I added is distance lines on the HUD, making it easier to determine how far a ban line (or rez zone) is from you. You can change the color to your liking or you can turn it off completely.

Everyone should have received the update by now, but if you haven't, you can head on over to my store and pick it up at the redeliver terminal.
Hope you like the new update to BanP!

Transporting Goods - Skyrim Style!

So adventuring through the land of Skyrim, I decided to gather what I can from a Dwemer ruin and walk back the Kynesgrove.

After I walked a bit due to the fact that I am over encumbered and can't run ,I discovered a little wooden cart next to the road and an idea popped in my head!

Loading up the goods.

Running with it!

At Kynesgrove - Time for smelting!

I ended up with 59 Dwemer ingots from smelting! :D

To Note: Running and pushing the cart works really well, but the items disappear when you cross certain areas. As far as I can tell, this is when you go across a cell border in the game world, or something similar. Also quick save and quick load while the items were in the cart made them disappear.

What I did is do a quick save, place all the items in the cart and run with it. When they disappear, I know where it happens, so I quick load and place the items in the cart again, run with it and stop before that area, pick it all up and push the cart over that area, and repeat.

Film Chair - 2.0

Update time again :D

Film Chair has been updated to version 2.0.

So what is different? Well, almost everything, although most is not visible.
The chair is now 100% mesh. I rebuild it based on the 1.0 look so it looks the same, but has a lot better LOD and much sharper corners compared to the 1.0 sculpty version.

The script has mostly been rewritten to make it work much better and a lot faster than the older version. Also, there is only one script now that does it all, compared to the three scripts before, one of them being the poseball script that is no more needed as there is no poseball! So less prims... well actually, the chair is only one prim now :D

The rest (titles and animation) is the same with textures appearing different with some themes. This is due to the fact that I used different textures on some themes, and that textures display much better with mesh than sculpty.

I hope everyone likes the new update :D

Battle Prims!

It is time for a new product! Wooohooo!
Introducing, Battle Prims!

Here is the description :D
Battle Prims is a game of combat in which your Battle Prim takes to the arena and fights for glory. The Battle Prim can attack, evade, block and heal based on the settings you select and arena you choose. Arenas can have up to eight starting points, with several blocking and healing power ups that will give your battle prim an edge over its opponent. You choose the settings. You choose the arena. The Battle will determine the ultimate victor.

In the future I am going to update this game, with more skins for the Battle Prims and different type of arenas. I am also looking into making another type of battle mode and maybe even make it possible so that people can make skins and arenas for the game :D

The reason why I have not finished all of this before releasing it is because I would like to get feedback and see what people are interested in seeing next in Battle Prims.

The Battle Prims package comes with a free two player arena so that you can challenge a friend to battle in it :D I will be releasing a four player arena soon!

I hope everyone likes the game and looking forward to hearing your feedback!
You can get Battle Prims from my store in the marketplace!

AirGPS 2.1 Update!

AirGPS version 2.1 is now available and everyone that already bought it should be receiving an update soon if you haven't already. This is a pretty small update, but will be very handy going forward.

What this update does is give an option to request a new airport list from the HUD, so no need for a full update just to get a new updated list out there.

This is not an automatic check though, so you will manually have to click the update button now and then and check if there is a new list out. I might look into it in the future if the demand is high enough, but for now do it as part of your checklist before flying ;)
To request a new list:
-Click the M button on the hud for the menu.
-Click Options.
-Click A Update.
Feel free to send me a IM in world if you want your own/favorite airport added or if you have discovered an airport that don't exist anymore. Since I can add them easily now, the list can stay more up to date.

Hope you all like this small update! :D

Dark Souls: Prepare To Be Modded

You can find a copy of this guide over at my new website!

I recently got Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition and like many other, I realised how horrible the port is for this game. Before I got it though, and I probably would not have if I didn't see this, I read that there is several mods to fix this game, making it better than the console version by far.

So after installing all the mods I liked, I am having a lot of fun with this game and decided to create this list of mods I am using. Hopefully this will make it easier for people as some mods became outdated with a recent patch to Dark Souls, so I had to find the new versions.

The majority of these files include readme files, so make sure to read it in detail when installing.

You can try to play the game without these, but it won't be great....

DSFix: This allows you to have better graphics overall including higher resolution.

DSMFix: For full mouse support.

Dark Souls Controls: This is VERY handy for seeing what controls does what on the keyboard. All thanks to Tru3Magic!


These are extra mods I installed.
Note: DSFix is needed for all of these.

Dark Souls HD Texture Pack: As the name suggests, this is a HD Texture Pack.

High-Res UI and Subtitle fonts: Makes the interface much prettier!

Dark Souls Flora Overhaul: Pretty plants!

Black keyboard buttons icons: Replaces the hints with keyboard keys instead of console keys. Note this isn't always accurate as some buttons differ, but looks better than the bright colored buttons from the Xbox.

Dark Souls Fixed Edition – Launcher: With DXFix you can set graphic settings for the game. This is basically a GUI version of that so that you don't have to manually edit the text file.

Hope this help some people, and if you have any problems, feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

AirGPS Update

Time for a product update! AirGPS has been updated to version 2.0 with new features and several code changes.

Probably the most noticeable features in this update is the fact that you now will be able to change the texture of the main panel and the select what kind of arrow you would like. No more one look for everyone, as you can now customize your AirGPS as you like it.

Other changes are updates to continents to include regions previously not included, code optimization with less scripts now and a new updated list of 47 airports all across Second Life.

Hope you all like the new update!

EDIT: There was a slight error with the update system that send out blank messages and no objects, doh! I have resend it and made sure it send this time, so everyone that bought it previously should have their update now!

Taernoc Productions - One Channel

As many may have noticed, Youtube is getting a new channel design, and after the 5th of June, everyone will be on it.

Over the years Youtube has gone through a lot of changes and a lot of people have been pretty angry about it, but I have to say, this is the first change that I do not like at all. In my opinion, it limits the creativity of channel art that could be used as a background.

I have seen a lot of channels with beautiful backgrounds that tells the story what the channel is all about, but sadly, that has come to an end. Now all you have is a little area at the top where you can put your art, very little customization and if you do not go about it smart, the rest of the channel can be one big mess of videos all over the place.

In any case, I made the best of the situation and created a little channel logo with past posters of machinima I have made! Hope you all like the new channel design, even with all the shortcomings.

MachinimUWA VI: Stolen Reflection

Here we go! My latest machinima!

This story about a thief and her heist is for the MachinimUWA VI : Reflections competition by the University of Western Australia (UWA).

Big thanks to everyone involved in this machinima!! We did this in a pretty short time and I am really happy on how this turned out!
Hope you all like it! :D

Stolen Reflections - Poster

You can see the blogpost here for the machinima.

It is almost that time again!

Next weekend the newest machinima by Taernoc Productions will be available on Youtube, but in the meantime, here is the poster. :D

EDIT: Fixed a small mistake on the poster.

Anticipate Freedom

Well my newest vid is online!

This one is a trailer to a game I am really looking forward to and whose development I have been following for some time now. Of course, it is none other than Star Citizen.

For those that do not know what it is, it is a space simulator game for PC developed by Cloud Imperium which was started by none other than Chris Roberts, known for the games like Wing Commander and Freelancer.

This game promises some amazing features and since there is no publishers, it allows a certain freedom that a lot of AAA games do not have these days, which has been putting me off from a lot of games lately.

If you like this sort of game, I recommend you head on over to the website and pledge now! This game looks well worth it and there is some nice extras for people that pledge now!

In any case, I wanted to make something for Cloud Imperium and Star Citizen for some time now and decided on this trailer, highlighting some of the concept art, their initial trailer for Star Citizen and listing some features for the game.

Hope you all like it and be sure to check out their website for more information! :D

Herobrine's Mansion - Burning Kid Babies!

The other night Laerwynn and I decided to try out adventure maps for Minecraft, so we picked Herobrine's Mansion by Hypixel and also decided to record while we play. We had some pretty funny moments and decided to put those moments together and share it :D

I am considering uploading all of the recording as a let's play series if there is enough interest, so will see.

Herobrine's Mansion can be downloaded here:

Texture Pack
A'therys Ascended Texture Pack by RoniSaysWoot

RPG Engage by Oscar Remius

Guild Wars 2 Fun!

Greetings all!

Here is some pictures I have taken lately in Guild Wars 2 of random fun moments :D
I have also posted this on my Guild, Tyrian Serenity, official website for anyone interested in checking it out!

Dancing in the Super Adventure Box.

Fireworks fun outside the Super Adventure Box in Rata Sum.

Yup, Standing inside the Mystic Forge 

Robot wars inside the Mystic Forge!

Sitting next to a quaggan in Lion's Arch.

Duna Rover - Wheely

I finally landed on Duna in Kerbal Space Program! Wooohoo! Here is the overview of the mission with a lot of pictures! :D

I have had a satellite around Duna for some time now, but today I decided I will attempt to land a rover on Duna with a re-entry and landing design inspired a bit by Curiosity's :D Not as fancy as Curiosity's, but it was very fun to make and even cooler to see it actually work (and almost result in a huge crash!).

The test rocket for the early rover module design.
The Design: The rover is a basic one with RoveMax Model 2 wheels, solar panels for power, six batteries positioned under the rover and two parachutes (Six in total if you count the outside ones on the hull).

The landing stages is almost the same as Curiosity;  After entry of the atmosphere, a parachute will deploy, slowing it down and shortly after that the heatshield will be dropped. The rover then gets dropped and here is where there is some difference. This rover will drop in freefall, where four Sepratron I boosters will push it away so that the outer hull do not land on it. After that, two parachutes will deploy on the rover, bringing it down for a safe landing.

The Mission: The launch went pretty well although the whole build is way too heavy. I had to add several struts to keep the sections from breaking apart due to the weight of the top half.

Eventually I made it into space and with some trouble (yup, forgot to add RCS) I finally got a course set to Duna.

Kerbin, the Mun and Minmus in the distance.

Travelling to Duna was nothing exciting... well untill I realised I never added Solar panels on the rocket, which in turn forced me to turn the rocket, which is time consuming without RCS, toward the sun now and then, as luckily some of the sunlight hits the solar panels on the rover... glad those gaps in the corners were there...

Duna in the distance.
Establishing orbit went better than expected and there was actually fuel left in the end, which was a nice surprise as it didn't look good halfway to Duna.

After that was the big moment, to see if this method of landing is even going to work in Duna's atmosphere.

First came the deployment of the parachutes, which was almost too late as I was waiting to see the cool entry-effect which never happened.

Dropping the heat shield since that was not needed, but looked cool hehe.

Then came the free fall for the rover followed by the Septratron I boosters which was pushing the rover to the opposite direction that I wanted! So I deployed the parachutes on the rover... and this is where it got very exciting for two seconds. The parachute slowed down the rover so much, that the hull was coming straight at it at a massive speed, even with its parachutes, but about half a second before hitting the rover, the parachutes of the hull and rover opened completely, saving the rover JUST in time as the hull piece slowed down... phew!!!

So CLOSE! and yup, the hull actually twisted upside down.

After that, a nice view could be enjoyed as the rover slowly lowered to the ground...

Sadly, it landed a  little bit too hard. One of the wheels broke on impact, but it is still fully functional, woohoo!

All the science equipment could be used and driving around, the rover, now called Wheely for obvious reasons, investigated it's first Duna rock!

So, 155 days after launch, I finally have my first rover on a planet! Not the best missions, but not to bad either :D

Orbital and Rendezvous

Greetings all!

Just a post about some things in relation to my machinima Rendezvous. Before I made my previous post, we had a small premiere in Second Life due to the fact that all the voice actors are there as well. We showed both Orbital and Rendevouz, which is in total almost 50 minutes long!

Also, below is the two posters for the machinima!