AirGPS 2.1 Update!

AirGPS version 2.1 is now available and everyone that already bought it should be receiving an update soon if you haven't already. This is a pretty small update, but will be very handy going forward.

What this update does is give an option to request a new airport list from the HUD, so no need for a full update just to get a new updated list out there.

This is not an automatic check though, so you will manually have to click the update button now and then and check if there is a new list out. I might look into it in the future if the demand is high enough, but for now do it as part of your checklist before flying ;)
To request a new list:
-Click the M button on the hud for the menu.
-Click Options.
-Click A Update.
Feel free to send me a IM in world if you want your own/favorite airport added or if you have discovered an airport that don't exist anymore. Since I can add them easily now, the list can stay more up to date.

Hope you all like this small update! :D