Another Update?! Yes! Comrido V3

Time for another update.

This update has been mostly done for a few days now, but I had to write the new documentation and fix some smaller issues, which I got time to do today too... so here is version 3 of Comrido.

So what is new?
The two main features is a Setup Hud for the Comrido U/RGU units and a Relay to allow multiple adjacent region communication.

The setup menu that used to be in the Comrido U and RGU unit is now completely removed and replaced by a HUD that you can retrieve by clicking the unit. When wearing it, you can click any unit you own and can set all the settings through the HUD.

This should hopefully make setting up the HUD a lot faster and easier.

The second big feature is the Comrido Relays. By placing these relays on the Region borders within 20m radius of each other, it allows all units to communicate over all the regions connected in this way. This should allow people to stay in touch in a community that cross several regions.

Other than that, there has been code optimization for all of the units including the walkie talkies, so everything related to the Comrido system has been update. For those that already own a Comrido unit should have recieved your update by now, if not, you can get it from the redeliver terminal here.

Hope everyone likes the new update!

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