Geoflock's Good Idea, Bad Idea

Well wasn't thinking of doing a machinima and posting it today when I got up this morning haha.

Kerbal Space Program have a competition going for Good Idea, Bad Idea and thought I'll give it a go. Luckily Thomas that did the reporter voice in "Orbiter" was online and quickly did a few lines for the narrator. Big thanks to Thomas for that!

After three hours it was done and yes, that actually includes filming, voice acting, creating some quick logos, editing everything together, then rendering, encoding and uploading to Youtube.

And here it is, Geoflock's Good Idea, Bad Idea.

Hope you all like it!

You can head on over to the official Kerbal Space Program Forums for more information about the competition.

ALSO: Kerbal Space Program is celebrating their second anniversary today! 
Congrats to the Squad team!
You can watch the live stream for Kerbalkon here:
Check out the forums for more information about kerbalkon.

Oribital - Kerbal Space Program Machinima

Well here it is, the newest machinima by Taernoc Productions :D

A few weeks ago I discovered a game called Kerbal Space Program in a video on Youtube. It immediately got my attention and downloaded the demo the same day. Two days later I bought the game :D

If you do not know the game, it is a rocket simulator where you build and launch rockets into space, orbit and land on other planets and moons and basically enjoy what space has to offer. The game is a lot of fun, so after playing it for a few weeks, I decided to make this machinima!

The first ever Kerbin satellite is ready for launch and everybody is ready for this big day including the KSPNN (Kerbal Space Program News Network) crew, professional Mission Control Kerbals and Jennie Kerman, the kerbonaut!

Be sure to check the game out here where you can try the demo and buy it!

Hope you enjoy the machinima!

New Machinima Coming Soon!

Just a quick note to let you know that a new machinima is in production. Filming is done and also some editing, the only thing that is left is the voice acting of some scenes and then the editing and finalization of the machinima :D

Watch this space!