Winners of the MachinimUWA III

The winners of the MachinimUWA III: Journeys competition have been announced!

The joint first place winners are:

Journey into the Metaverse by Tutsy Navarathna


Juroney by Eric Boccara

And in third place:

Unplugged by Al Peretz

There was a lot more winners of various prices, but sadly Drax and Vi in "Journey to to Top" did not bring home any trophies this time, but maybe another time :D

For a detailed list of the winners and overview of the event, head on over to the UWA in SL blog.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you Jayjay and everyone that helped him for a awesome event!


  1. Truly a fantastic event, what an amazing group of individuals who organized and pulled everything together into such a spectacular finale. A huge congratulations to all the talented artists out there, some absolutely incredible entries to watch and enjoy. Journey to the Top may not have taken home a trophy at this event, but it was an amazing experience. Congratulations, Braclo - you have created a brilliant machinima, fun and so very enjoyable to watch, full of wonderful effects and fantastic music. I am very proud to have been part of it (and very proud of you!)