Doorec Released!

Here we go! As mentioned less than 24 hours ago, I am launching another product that I have been working on, this one called Doorec.

Doorec is a security door system using cards to gain access that was designed for the build I am busy with and decided to expand it in such a way that it can be sold. It has several features such as deciding who gets cards (Public, Group, Names), who has authorization to change card holder's clearance (Group,Names), set custom area names and much more!

There is a swinging door, double swinging door, sliding door and corner slide door, the last one being a door I created some time ago using just one prim and a unique way of opening. All these doors can be set-up to custom area names, change clearance level from 0 - 10, set-up a timer for auto-close or disable it all together and change between four different textures. These doors is also Mod, so feel free to add your own texture.

The cards themselves have the ability to display what clearance they have to their owner with the ability to add their own picture, change the card name and resize it. Anyone on the authorization list gets a different menu with the ability to change the clearance levels of the areas. Meaning that authorized people can click the card while the owner is wearing it and change the clearance fast and easy.

For a full features list and more information, head on over to the Marketplace Listing! Enjoy!

New Product!

Yes I know this blog has been quiet for a while, but I am here now and I brought a little something something with me, one of the stuff that has been keeping me busy this last while.

Introducing Teporial, a teleporter to make moving from one point to another in your region so much easier. I designed Teporial for my own use a long time ago and over time I improved the code, added features, changed teleportation methods to what works better and now we have Teporial.

It also features my attempt in creating a bit more of a "realistic" method of teleporting. This is done by beams on the sides that charge up after you selected your destination. The beams will glow brighter, and at the peek of its speed it will teleport you to your destination, followed with the beams glowing less and slowing down to a stop.
I also decided to include a one prim pad for anyone that prefer to save prims.

The access menu will allow you to select between public, group or specific names who can teleport to the Teporial your setting up. Also a sector setting will allow you to "group" Teporials together, meaning any Teporial with the same name will be able to teleport to each other, making it easy to setup Teporials for different areas of your region.

For more information, animated image on how it looks and all the features , be sure to check out the Marketplace Listing.

Also I will be releasing another product hopefully today, so keep your eyes on this blog.

EDIT: 100th post on this blog! Whooooooooo!