All Kinds of News

(Dusting off the blog)

Well it has been a while since I have posted anything here, so what have I been up to and what is to come?

On the machinima side of things it is not really active at all lately. I have no real inspiration to make any machinima even though I have some ideas. When the inspiration hits, ill be making some, whenever that is. There might be one for my upcoming SL product, but will see. Read more below.

Second Life news, I turned six years old on Tuesday. Can you believe it, a whole six years that I have been on Second Life, although you can really count Second Life years like dog years. Thinking back even 3 years feels like another lifetime, probably with the fact that Second Life changes so fast.

On the topic of Second Life, I am working on a new product that I hope will be finished soon. It is once again a communication system, but this one have several twists to it that I am hoping is the start of something bigger. It uses a lot of methods that I haven't worked with before, so it is a constant learn and design cycle.

Other than that I played through the Mass Effect 3 Extended DLC for the ending and I have to say... wow. That ending is the type of ending everyone that knows Bioware expects from them and I am happy with how they ended it. Of course there is still some people not happy with it, but I am seeing a lot more people praising it than with the original ending.

I will post updates about the product when I have an idea when it will be released and I might make a post with more detail and my opinion to Mass Effect 3's ending.