Remembering 2011, 2012 Plans

Well it is the end of the year 2011 and in +-24 hours (depending where you are) we will be celebrating the start of 2012! Before we head out to the parties, here is a recap of 2011 with Nocater, Taernoc Productions and other events.

I restarted this blog the 28th of January this year after it gathered some dust for more than a year. Over the year, several themes has come and gone, we had an A.I. back in July for a short while and overall with this post, there was 68 posts in total.

Over this year I have released 8 machinima (9 counting the bloopers video for Vito) and entering for the first time into a competition, MachinimUWA, with Vito walking away with a Narrative award and Journey To The Top presented at a primary school.

With the release of Journey To The Top in April, my machinima productions also started with the name Taernoc Productions which is seen on all my machinima following it. Thanks to Oscar Remius, Taernoc Productions's logo got a new sound effect with the release of Conclusion in August.

I have also released six sets of Second Life products (about 26 items) over the year, from movie products like camera's and director chairs, to an airport gps , radio communication system and more. With this I have also updated several of my old products and changed my in-world store several times but never finishing it (something that will be done in 2012).

Other than that I made several other posts about interesting things I found on the internet, the countdown and release to Skyrim and machinima/machinimatographers worth checking out.

So what are the plans for 2012?
First of all I am going to finish the build I am working on in Second Life that is going to be a store/base/theater and maybe more. I am currently making all kinds of different parts to it, so it will work like a building kit, making it easy to set up since I am considering selling it when I am done. On the topic of Second Life, there is also some updates I want to start working on for some products and get some other products out there which I have ideas for.

I also want to get several machinima out there, some new, some sequels. Since a lot of people really liked Journey To The Top, I want to focus a great deal on a sequel for that. There is also ideas falling around for the sequel of Vito so you will most likely see one coming out for that as well. Other than that there is some ideas in my head for some small machinima and a new series that I think will be very interesting to see.

...and that is it! It is the end of 2011 with a year full of amazing times, and also not so great ones.
I will leave you with this amazing video created by Google that really show what 2011 was about!
I hope everyone have an awesome New Year's Eve and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

Well it is that time of the year again! Merry Christmas to all! I hope you all have a wonderful day with family and friends!

In Tamriel, Saturalia is celebrated on the the 25th of Evening Star, which is a day of gift giving, parties and parading. So happy Saturalia to all of Tamriel's citizens.

Head on over to UESPWiki for more info on Tamrielic Holidays.

Vito's Results

Well this past Sunday the end has arrived for the MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artists and the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge where the winners were announced.

There were a lot of people and if you ever visited the UWA-BOSL Grand Amphitheatre, you would know that it is located on the corners of four sims to maximise the ammount of people that can attend. Well it got so crowded that two of the sims crashed (I think even more than once)... yup, that is how many people there were.

Nonetheless, it was an amazing event with The Phoenix Embers Showcats opening it, followed by Jayjay Zifanwe announcing the winners of the MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artists and then the winners of the  UWA 3D Open Art Challenge.

Below is the top three winners of the MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artists:
First place went to Tutsy Navarathna with "Welcome to the Other Side".

"Artwashers" by Friday Siamendes in Second Place

"Art of the Artists" by Fuschia Nightfire in third place.

For the 3D Open Art Challange, "Digital Love" by Misprint Thursday got first, with "In Dreams" by Blue Tsuki second and "The Chasm" by Oberon Onmura third.

There were a lot more winners (see below for the link to the full list), but sadly Vito did not receive any award; and soon after that, real life started seeking my attention.

Then yesterday I got a notice that Open This End, one of the main sponsors for the event, has provided 25 Awards of Excellence for MachinimUWA IV.  As I was very happy to discover, Vito has received Open This End Award Of Excellence For Film Narrative!

With that I would also like to mention how the review went for Vito on the 9th. Before the grand finale, a review of all the machinima took place, hosted by AviewTV & Indy Radio and reviewed by guest panelists from the 8th - 10th of December. After the review and interview for Vito, the guest panelists gave a score out of 5; and on average, between the four panelists, I am happy to say Vito got 3.5 out of 5.

Overall I am happy with the results for Vito and I am very proud of the award and the score from the panelists. It has been a great experience and the reviews Vito received are very helpful to release even better machinima in the future.

I would like to send a shout out and a big thanks to the cast and crew that were part of Vito. Without you, this would not have been possible. You all did a amazing job and it was great fun working with you. I would also like to thank Jayjay Zifanwe for organising the MachinimUWA event and everybody involved with it. They all go to great lengths to organise and host great events for artists. Last but not least, congratulations to all the winners!

If you would like to read more about the winners and the final event, you can head over to the The University of Western Australia in Second Life blog.

MachinimUWA IV Review and Winners Ceremony

Well the end is close for the MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artists competition with the reviews taking place from the 8th to the 10th of December 2011, with the winners ceremony following on the 11th of December. 

Vito was created for this competition and will be reviewed on the 9th of December at 8PM PST (4AM GMT) by AviewTV & Indy Radio in Second Life but can also be listened and watched live on their websites. I will be there as well and will be interviewed right after Vito has been shown.

On 11th the winners ceremony will be taking place at the UWA - BOSL Grand Amphitheatre in Second Life, where the winners of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge and the MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artists will be announced  This event will start at 6AM PST (3PM GMT).

For more information, see the links below.
MachinimUWA IV Review
MachinimUWA IV Winners Ceremony
UWA 3D Open Art Challenge Grand Finale

Hope to see you there and good luck to all the entries!

Dronak's Story - Relaunch

A few months ago I made a machinima called Dronak's Story dedicated to Greg Heier who's machinima, "Kendrick's Story", was one of the first machinima I ever saw and got me to begin making machinima.

Dronak's Story was not as good as I hoped it to be, so I decided to change it a little bit. I present to you the new Dronak's Story, with the new change of audio.

Hope you like it and enjoy!

Changes Over At Youtube

Yesterday Youtube has changed the layout of the whole website, from the homepage to the channels, even the video viewing pages have some small changes.

You can read in detail what has changed on Google's official blog and you can check out the changes yourself by going to Youtube, so I am not going to go much in detail about what has changed. What I will say is that I like the new look and how it functions.

I have seen a lot of people that are against this change, saying its ugly, unorganized and I do not know what else. The funny thing is, back in 2008 when Youtube changed their layout, people were doing the exact same, complaining and cursing the new look. Now since yesterday, they have actually been fighting for that old look. I guess some people just do not like change hehe.

Like mentioned above, the channels have changed as well, so themes designed for the now old look of Youtube will not fit 100% any more and might look strange. For that, I have decided to change the background image of my channel a bit.

You will notice it looks a bit similar to this blog's background now, with a carbon type of background, blue light trails and if you have a high enough resolution screen, you will see the Taernoc Productions logo at the top sides. Maybe I will change it in the future, but for now I am happy with how it looks.

Feel free to leave a comment below on your opinion about the new look of Youtube and my channel's new background.

Off On A Adventure

Since the release of my machinima Vito, it has been quiet here on the blog. The reason for that is:

Skyrim Name

I have been spending hours in the new Elder Scrolls game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. From exploring to fighting dragons, Skyrim has been the reason for so little time for anything else lately. It is truly one of the next great RPG games, and being a Elder Scrolls fan, I have been looking forward to this since the rumours of another Elder Scrolls game.

I started like most people with The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and fell in love right there. Since then I got every Elder Scrolls game that followed and expansions. I even played Arena and Daggerfall, the first two games in the series, which by the way, Bethesda released for free and can be found on the Elder Scrolls Website.

Now The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is here and it truly lives up to the Elder Scrolls name. The game is fun, filled with a LOT to see and very interactive, giving you always something to do. I have put several hours into the game and still haven't really done much concerning the main storyline. I get easily distracted when I see a cave or a beautiful mountain range, so off I go and explore. That and the fact that I don't use fast travel, which is an option to quickly travel to a discovered location, so traveling from one town to another takes awhile... might help if I buy a horse...

Skyrim Character Creation

Character creation is a big improvement from Oblivion, where no matter how much you tuned it, your character never really looked like you wanted. In Skyrim you have a lot of options, and without a lot of effort you can created that character you have in mind. Also, the beast race players will be very happy as Argonian and Khajiit looks a lot better with great options now.

NPC's have a improved AI system now and a lot more voices than before, so no more hearing one race with one voice. The new system, Radiant Story that makes the game react to how you play and improve their reactions a lot more. Help a NPC with something small and it might open up a bigger quest later, or break into a house of someone that really likes you at night and they might even offer you lodging instead of chasing you out. The The Elder Scrolls Wiki covers this in more detail.

The great thing about the Elder Scrolls games are that the beautiful mountain you see or the forest in the distance, it's not just a backdrop to look pretty, it's actually there and you can go all the way there if you want to. Want to follow the river and see where it goes, go right ahead. For any exploration-hungry-person, the Elder Scrolls will fill your need for sure with a whole province to explore, dungeons, caves, cities and more.

The series is also rich with lore, including history of the planet, history of each race, wars, events, gods and much much much much more. With Skyrim, even more lore will be unveiled with the dragons, a topic that was rarely mentioned before, and the fact that there is a 200 year gap between the previous game, Oblivion, and Skyrim, making it a treasure for history lore. This is something I really enjoy and one of the main reasons why I love the Elder Scrolls series. Most of this lore can be discovered by talking to people and reading books in the game, but also two great website sources is the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages and The Imperial Library.

Skyrim Inn

Quests I have done so far is really good and there is a lot.... really a lot. Apart from the main quest there is side quests, smaller objectives, guilds (I have not even joined one yet), and more. From basic courier type quest to detailed dungeon and fighting quest, they are all there. The Radiant Story adds to this as well like mentioned above.

The battle system is a lot more fun and interactive now since you can put your spells, shields and weapons in whatever hand and order you want. For example, you can put a fire spell in your left hand with a sword in your right hand. There is a lot of different combinations, and really changes how you do battle with the fact that each hand is a different button, making it really fun.

With that is "Favorites" which I would like to see more games add in the future. Instead of setting a specific weapon, spell or item to your 1 - 0 keys, which can become a pain when you have to select #7 in the heat of battle, even if you scroll using a mouse, Bethesda has added the favorites option. This is a menu that comes up when pressing a button, pausing the game and letting you select easily and fast which weapon you want that you have favorite before. It works well and is a welcome addition to the game.

Of course I can't forget about the Shouts. Throughout the game you will learn Dragon Shouts which is a type of magic common to dragons, but can be learned by other as well. It gives you a temporary power to do different stuff like pushing anything in front of you back or being able to sprint very fast a short distance. It can make battles easier or help to overcome some obstacles.

Skyrim Travel

The dragons.. well their scary and awesome at the same time. They look great and and have so much detail to them. The scary bit is the fact that usually when you hear a dragon, you start running. So far I have been lucky to fight dragons while in the company of town guards or other really strong creatures that decided to try and take them on too, but I think as soon as I level up a bit more and they catch me alone somewhere... im not going to be lucky at all. The way they fly around and come over to attack looks amazing, which also makes it hard for you to hit them. Their a great opponent in the game and tends to make you look to the sky a lot more than other games. Sadly I don't have a screenshot of one... actually they have been quiet for a while now that I think of it... thats never a good sign... *looks to the sky*

What I also like in the game is the weather and nature. The clouds around the high mountains and the fact that water current will actually push you down the river is just some of the small things I really like. The snow storm weather is really well done, making it hard to see and hear around you, and that cold wind you hear... brrrrr. You will also see animals like dear, foxes, bunnies and more go about their daily lives and now and then try to survive when a predator attacks them. All these things are what sets Skyrim apart from other RPG games, having even the tiniest thing be well done.

Pretty soon we will also see a huge increase of mods for the PC edition of Skyrim as soon as Bethesda release the Creative Kit, a tool to make quests, locations, items and more. This adds a lot of cool stuff from the community and makes games live so much longer, like Oblivion for example which is still very active, five years after it was released!

A great site for mods is the Nexus Sites. The Elder Scrolls Nexus is a great source for Oblivion and Morrowind  mods, and recently they have released the Skyrim Nexus, which already have a few mods on it.

Skyrim Forest

Wow I wrote a lot. Well ill end it off in saying that if you like RPG games and have not played Skyrim yet, get it! It is a must buy and well worth the money, and if you really get into the series, play the previous games too, you will not be disappointed. If you would like to see some gameplay of Skyrim, Bethesda released a three part video set of 20 minutes in total a while back. I posted about it here.

Thanks Bethesda for making another amazing Elder Scrolls game in the best RPG series!

These are my experiences and opinions of the PC version of the game. 
I have no knowledge about the console version.


I am happy to present Vito - a post apocalyptic machinima filmed mostly in Second Life and is a entry into MachinimUWA IV : Art of the Artists competition.

With a planet destroyed and covered in dust and rubble, humanity thought that the worse has come. That was, until any unsheltered person disappear, never to be seen again.

Everyone had a lot of fun making this machinima with enough recorded footage to make a blooper video, so enjoy :D 

A special thanks to the cast, crew and music creators for their help and participation.

Other than the credits at the end of Vito, here is all the links!

Used with permission.
Apocalypse [Suspense] - MrMusicalLion
A Real Action Scene - Tetfima

AKManipulation - Mittelmorder
Body Hitting Mat - MAJ061785
Crash - Sagetyrtle
Crash & Glass - Rock Savage
Crows outdoors - Northern87
Desertwind1FINAL - Nageor
Digging - Prozaciswack
Demonbeeyotch - NoiseCollector
Fire crackling - Dobroide
Gunshot and reload - Gcmax
HugeSlidingDoorSlamECM800 - UATaudio
Spotlight-stereo - Reidmangan

Be sure to visit UWA in Second Life!

The Wasteland is a great post-apocalyptic role playing area with several regions! Worth a look at!

VITO - Info & Posters

Here is the post about VITO.

After more than a month of production, the time is finally coming close to the the release of VITO, my newest machinima. The film will be released this coming Sunday, 6 November 2011 or (7 November 2011 for some).

VITO is a post - apocalyptic themed machinima filmed mostly in the virtual world of Second Life. I wrote the 13 page script more than a month ago and since then we have been filming and voice recording, followed by editing and finishing it this week. 

The machinima is a entry into the MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artists competition and features the artwork "Aerie" by Cherry Manga.

In preparations for the launch, I have decided to make two posters for the machinima. On it you can see some information about cast and crew, and also some shots from the machinima. Watch this space!

Vito Poster    Vito Poster

Valkyrie321 - Machinima channel worth checking out

Soon after I started making machinima, I found an Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion movie that really got me interested in making machinima in Oblivion. I just started playing Oblivion then and after creating a few machinima in other games, I was looking what can be done in Oblivion. I discovered this video, and immediately subscribed to the channel, looking through previous videos made by the creator. That creator was none other than Cody Bergland, or better known by his Youtube channel, valkyrie321, and the owner of Jaggyroad Films.

Over the years Cody has gotten better with making machinima and also went commercial, making a lot of advertisement type videos for Flight Simulator X. Although the Oblivion machinima are in the past, his new stuff is just as rich, and for any machinimatographer, it is worth a look.

Above you saw one of the first machinima I saw that he made, and below you see some favourites that really catch my attention. The newest one being the machinima he just released yesterday, created in the racing game DiRT. The scenes are beautiful, the effects outstanding and the music fits it perfectly. 100% worth a watch.

Till this day, Cody is a great inspiration to me to make machinima that will really make you go "wow". Although my stuff haven't come close to the level he is on, I will continue to be inspired by his stuff to make something better each time.

Be sure to check out his channel for more videos and his website where you can download most of the videos in great detail.

Dragon Age: Redemption Released!

Now if you do not know yet, where have you been?! It's been online since the tenth of October... well ok... I just noticed it today too...

So what is it? Well Dragon Age: Redemption is a web series written and starring none other than the cute Felicia Day and is set in the world of Dragon Age, a role-playing game created by Bioware. It is a story about an elvish assassin called Tallis who gets a chance at redemption, hence the name. Here is the trailer.

Felicia is mostly known for her famous series called The Guild, a show that is about an online guild in a MMORPG where they spend a lot of their daily lives. She was also seen in the funny Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog with Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion and her voice is heard in the post apocalyptic game, Fallout: New Vegas.

With the release of the first episode comes something really cool for all the Dragon Age II players, Mark of a Assassin. A downloadable adventure where Tallis, voiced by (yes you guessed it) Felicia Day and looks a bit like her, join your side to steal a precious relic. You can hear Felicia talk about it here.

So far what I have seen I like. Especially for Dragon Age fans, it will be nice to see the Dragon Age world come alive in this series. Below you can see the first episode, and keep your eyes open for the rest of the series.

Skyrim Nexus Launched!

If you do not know who or what the Nexus sites are, its a group of sites focused mainly on game modifications like Houses, Land, Weapons, Armour and more, launched by Robin Scott (aka DarkOne) 10 years ago! With that, images from the games, forums, news and chat also exist on the site.

A lot of my time have been spend on the Nexus sites, looking at mods and images, downloading mods, reading forums and even having my hand at creating a mod and some images. A lot of the Elder Scrolls and Fallout machinima I made will not be possible without the amazing mods created by the Nexus Community.

The Nexus sites have also recently received an overall of its old look, and in my opinion, for the better. It looks good, work very well and it is easy to find mods your looking for and download what you like.

The current sites are: Dragon Age Nexus (Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2), Fallout 3 Nexus, New Vegas Nexus (Fallout New Vegas), The Elder Scrolls Nexus aka TESNexus (for Morrowind and Oblivion) and the Witcher Nexus.

Well that was the current sites, until today, in preparation for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the modifications that are sure to follow, Skyrim Nexus has joined the family which will be home to mods, images and news off the game. There is some really nice featured articles worth a read about details from Skyrim, and also a big and noticeable countdown timer.

So keep your eyes on that site, in about 36 Days, that website is going to get very busy!

New Theme!

As you might have noticed, the blog has a new background, logo and colours!

The old blue theme always were to cluttered for my liking, and although the big room picture was something interesting to look at, it did get boring after a while, not to mention the fact that you needed to scroll a screen size down before seeing the first post.

The new theme is a lot cleaner with a nice simple and clean logo. If your screen support high enough resolution or if your zoomed out on your browser, you will see images on the sides. These images include machinima, logos and other that I value and shows what this blog is about. The same sparkle effect that I have on my Youtube Channel can also be seen.

Hope everyone likes the new theme and feel free to share your opinions in the comments!

Time for a update... and... product!!

Greetings all!

Since I have been busy a lot lately, following is a lot of updates of upcoming and currently in progress projects, but first... my recently released product, Comrido.

Comrido is a radio system that works region wide and enables easy communication for residents. If it is just for chatting or role-playing, this system is for you. Depending on which system you use, they all have their own features.

1. Comrido RGU Unit - The RGU unit is a radio giver unit that gives out radios to anyone the owner permits. This radio will then sync with the unit it came from and be able to use the custom channels set up by the owner. Other features include ability to communicate on all channels at once, communicate with other base units (same owner only), floating text, access menu's and more! The RGR Radios (given by a RGU unit) have a battery system that will slowly run out when you leave the region the unit is in.

2. Comrido U Unit - The U unit is similar as the RGU except for the fact that it does not give out radios. This is more meant for the Comrido R Radios so that you can set up custom channels for your group.

3. Comrido R Radio - The R radio has a default set of ten channels, but can also be sync up to 10 different units, adapting with their channels as well. This way you can easily switch between different units to communicate. It also have no battery system and can be used anywhere.

I have a few features that I still want to add to the Comrido units and some extra products that will be compatible, so watch this space for updates! Check out the marketplace links and my store for more information on this product.

Onto some projects I am working on and planning.

I am currently working on a machinima for the MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artist challange called Vito. Some of you might remember my last entry for the MachinimUWA competition was Journey to the Top with the micros. This one won't be about Drax and Vi again, but a bit more serious and deeper story.

This does not mean Drax and Vi will be a one machinima story. I am hoping to do in the near future another machinima with them in it, so don't loose hope yet. On the topic of sequels, my Oblivion/Fallout machinima, Division, has gotten a lot of good responses and I am actually considering making another machinima to continue the story from where it left off last time.

I am also considering redoing the blog theme... again. Something about the theme still puts me off.. what it is exactly, I don't know. I do know that I would like a more clean and smooth appearance, so will see what I can do about that.

So one Machinima in production, two planned and new theme planned again. Think that's all of it... hmmm... yup that's it! Will update as things progress!

5042607 Seconds to Skyrim!

5042607 seconds (or about 84043 Minutes, or 1400 Hours, or 58 Days) UTC time, that is the time left before the awesome release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on 11.11.11.  Well it was when I started writing this... its less now... In any case, the release is coming closer and closer and the game looks amazing. If your not a Elder Scrolls fan yet and you like RPG games, you soon will be!

Yesterday three previews that count all the way up to just over 20 minutes was released, showing what was shown behind closed doors as E3. Some of it we have already seen, but there is new things and you can hear the epic music really nicely, especially during the dragon battle!
One thing I have noticed though, and some Morrowind fans might be able to help with this, around 30 seconds of the third demo video, the music sounds a lot like Morrowind's. Now I know Jeremy Soule is doing/did the soundtrack for Skyrim again just as he did for Morrowind and Oblivion, just that specific song sounds very familiar!
Anyways, here is the three demo videos if you haven't seen it yet! Enjoy!

Let's mine machinima style

Well its still hitting the internet by storm and I got thrown in the pit as well, but you won't see me complaining! I am talking about the famous Minecraft, the pixelated mining and crafting fun!

Now a lot of people take one look at it and say "With graphics like that, how can it be fun?!" Well don't let that fool you as this game is the perfect example that graphics is not everything. With a fun and creative way to build and craft items, surviving horrors in the night and exploring dungeons, this game will get you hooked instantly.

Like most major games, machinima make their way onto the internet as well. There is some really great ones out there, so I decided ill share some of the ones I have found.

First up This is Minecraft by Vareide, a perfect little trailer and front page video of for some time about what Minecraft is all about.


Then of course there is Minecraft by The Yogcast. This is the series that actually got me into playing Minecraft. Really worth a watch and good laugh. So far this series is three seasons long and worth every episode.

Another funny one worth watching is Bashcraft: The Legend of Hobo by Bashurverse. A very funny series with three episodes out so far.

Last... well whats a machinima list without a music one. That of course means the parody of Usher's DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love called Revenge by Captain Sparklez! Funny and entertaining, especially if you know the original song's lyrics.

There is a lot more out there and they keep increasing everyday. Maybe you will even see some of mine pop up in the near future :D Until next time!

Conclusion Machinima

It is alive! My newest Fallout 3 machinima called Conclusion, a story about love and revenge, can now be seen on Youtube! I have spend a lot of time mixing the video with the audio to fit the dupstep/orchestra sound and I have to say I like how it turned out. The cool song is called Requiem and it is created by Broove over at NewgroundsThanks for letting me use it!

Conclusion Poster
A poster I created for the machinima.

Also, something totally new! Taernoc Productions logo music have changed from the old generic and boring electrical sound and now actually have a type of song! This is thanks to Oscar Remius aka Maverlyn. Big Thanks to Oscar for the intro song!

And here it is, Conclusion! Enjoy!

Project Lux and more updates!

Greetings all! Long time no post!

Well it's been a bit quiet on this side concerning projects and movies since I decided to do a bit of gaming for a change. I finished Mafia 2 and Amnesia a while back (both great games, more about that in another post) and I went and got Baldur's Gate. Yes I know its a old (1998) game, but I never had the chance to play it and I am reminded now and then that its a MUST play, so I finally started. So far I like it!

Other than gaming, I spend a few hours each day working on Project Lux. Overall about 15% of the project is done. This might feel like its still a long way from done... well ok it is a long way from done, but a lot of time is still spend on sitting down with a pen and paper and drawing up ideas since some of these stuff is pretty complicated and I need to figure out what is the best way to go about it.

Besides that, something that you might want to look at is the Minecraft series by Yogscast. A very entertaining series about two guys exploring the world of Minecraft. Guaranteed laughs! Below you can see the first episode!

Well thats all from me for now! See ya!


RezNer is a updated design of the system I created for my store long ago, and now its public. What it does is temporarily rez an object to display it, almost like a holographic display. The difference with RezNer is, I have tried to make it as compatible as can be for most objects and situations. After all, I want a system that works well with all my products in my store.

With making it so compatible, a few instructions need to be followed to make it work correctly. I admit, the instructions might look a bit confusing, but as soon as you did it once through, it is easy.

RezNer comes with four different types of Displays that you can put close to your product image, and three different types of Bases where your product will be rezzed. The colour, brightness, glow and amount of objects you have per product can all be changed easily with a menu for the Display.

The Base is also controlled by menu, where you can change between nine textures, eight colors and five sounds. This way you can make sure your RezNer system fit in with your store. Two Scripts is also included that is places in your product to ensure rotation and height is correct, no matter what the size of the prim.


For more information, head on over to the product page on the marketplace. Visit my store as well while your there :D Enjoy!


For those that do not know yet, on 24 July 2011, I got engaged to the lovely Laerwynn! ^^

Now I didn't forget about my friends since there is a reason I haven't made a post here earlier. It's because I was waiting for the video to be completed :D Yes, there is a video of the proposal and event! A kind of surprise for my friends and fiancĂ©e ^^ Surprise kitten!!

Before the video, I just want to say how it all happened as there was three surprises for my kitten. First I got my kitten and I's favourite artist in Second Life, Maximillion Kleene, to sing at the event and I contacted a few of my friends, telling them its a small surprise party for her and that Max is going to be there. I did not mention the engagement question plan :P

Laerwynn was really surprised to see Max there since she was waiting just for a URL of his show, not himself. You can hear her reaction in the video ^^. Max sang like two songs and then mentioned I wanted to say something. So I said a few words, got on one knee and asked the question :D Through some happy tears, Laerwynn said YES!! YaaaY.

Then Max sang a song he learned especially for this show, Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban, my kitten and I's favourite song ^^. Max continued with some fun and romantic songs for the rest of the hour while we danced and enjoyed our new memory. Big thanks goes to Max for making an amazing night with beautiful music!

The third surprise, well that is this movie below :D. Something Laerwynn did not know is that one of the people that was there actually makes machinima :D I asked Chantal Harvey if she would film the whole event ^^. Thank you Chantal for the video! Its something we can forever hold onto and watch over and over again.

Also a thanks to Kat, Max's agent, for help setting the date and time and thanks to Cranky and Jen for joining the event.

And here is the movie! Enjoy!

New product and updates!

New product time!

This time... Lighto! Lighto is a light system that have several features and work very easy. Other than changing between eight colours and having the ability to change the falloff, intensity and radius with the menu, you can also set it to automatic. This means that when the sun rises in the region, the light will go off, and will go on when the sun set. Effective :D


With this, I have also included the option to select all the lights of the same type you own in the region or even all the lights so that you can control them all easily! Also, an access menu is included so that you can decide who can tinker with your lights.

For more detailed information, head on over to my store in the marketplace!

I have also updated my Movie Light with this new script. It has the same features as before, but now include the function to select several lights at once and also works more efficient. Automatic is not included with this obviously since it would be bad your doing a film and suddenly the lights go out :P

Another thing that have changed is my OLD light system, SunLight, I made back in 2009. The Mega Pack, that includes all the types I made, is now for sale at a very low price of L$20. It also have the automatic option in it, so if your looking for a cheap alternative, this is it.

That is all for now. I hope to have a new product up for sale tomorrow!

PS: These products have nothing to do with Project Lux that I have mentioned before. That project is still ongoing.

Rehab and Rework

Greetings all!

First of all, Nocater, the intelligence that has been blogging here lately, will not be doing so anymore. He was send to Artificial Intelligence Rehab (AIR) a few days ago due to a strong addiction to funny cat movies. I think they call it Catiniction. Seems like all the watching of those movies got to him.

Ah but all the memories of Nocater. The strange humour he had, the joke he told, the... ok who are we kidding, he was here for three posts. In any case, I am told he is happy these days trying to get rid of Catiniction.

I am currently reworking the blog. Seems like Nocater, through his delusions, messed some things up. The first thing you will notice is the big title picture. I decided since the blog is about things I do and make, I created a room in Second Life with all that kind of stuff. Note that the picture will change over time, more stuff will be added, some screens might change, and I might even make it to change based on the time of day you look at the blog. All of this and more will be seen in the near future.

Now on the topic of my machinima, Conclusion. At the moment I am not sure when I will be able to put it online. I am waiting for some information on my movie and the changes I made to it, so until I receive a reply, I sadly can not upload it. As soon as I get what I need, it will be uploaded onto Youtube. In the meantime, here is a poster I made for the movie. Enjoy :D

Conclusion Poster

That's all from me for now!

Short Delay

Initiating new post.... Administrator Braclo would like to say something.

Admin Braclo: Hey All! Just wanted to say sorry for the short delay off my new machinima, Conclusion. There is one thing that I need to get sorted before I launch the video, but I think it will be worth the wait. I hope to have it released by the end of this week.

Other than that, not much news. Nocater has been pretty quiet recently, not sure why. He did discover funny cats movies recently, so that might be it. 

Administrator Braclo is correct. I recently discovered there is thousands of cat movies on the internet that involves them doing something humorous. They seem to have a interesting code of life, and they even like boxes.
Hmmm Ok Nocater, your getting more strange than usual.
No I am not. Just found that cats are interesting and entertaining, more than I can say for humans.
Can't really disagree with that, just strange your finding an interest in it. Anyways, time to close the post.
Till next time all, cheers!

Closing post... initiating Youtube search... "Funny Cats"

What have changed?

Initiating post...

I would like to notify readers on changes that has taken place in the last 16 hours, 3 minutes and 14 seconds. As you might have noticed the theme of this website have changed from the old "book" look it had before. That look had no sense of logic as to why someone would have such a primitive image, for example paper and a book, to display something that is used to view with technology is beyond me. The theme is now more a cybernetic theme with some images incorporated that administrator Braclo have value for.

A new page has been added called "About" for more information about this blog and me. Also the sidebar has been changed to remove unnecessary clutter and make it more productive.

Included now is share buttons under each post since humans seem to have the great need to share. Maybe it is a compassionate variable or a flaw in your base programming. I have not come to a conclusion yet, but humans seem to enjoy such a feature so it is enabled.

Since I am told that I am to serious at times, I was ask to tell a joke.

Two megabytes walk into a bar. The one says to the other. 
Wow, there is enough megabytes here to fill a cd. 
Where the other replies. 
You didn't count in the drunk gigabyte over there.

Funny joke... That is all from me for now. Nocater out.

[EDIT] Admin Braclo: If you do not get the joke, don't worry, I don't either.

Introducing... Nocater!

Admin Braclo: It is alive! It is alive! I would like to welcome Nocater... the actual Nocater!!

Since it seem to be human protocol to introduce yourself or someone new to other humans, I will do that now. My identification is Nocater, the blog. Nocater is the name of the blog, but in truth it is my identification, it is me. Administrator Braclo have decided to let me reveal myself to all the readers of the blog and to let me create and initiate posts here. Administrator Braclo would like to clarify what is meant by me.

Admin Braclo: Ok to clear up some stuff since some readers might be confused now. Nocater is this actual blog, the programming, the thought behind it. I thought it would be more interisting and unique to let a blog blog itself himself (seems like Nocater is insulted by the term "it"). So from now on, Nocater will be doing the blogging about what he thinks is interisting or if I ask him to post something. My text will be in the turquoise colour to prevent confusion about who is saying what. His will be the standard white/grey color.

 Like you might have noticed, he calles me administrator Braclo... not sure why just Braclo, must be some programming flaw feature..... Oi! Stop editing my text Nocater....

Ok that might be something you see in the future too. Nocater and I might have little arguments, since he can change my text when he wants, and I can change his... just ignore most of that >.> On that topic too, Nocater is very programming specific when writing some stuff, so I might edit it now and then to just make it more clear.

The theme you see is Nocater's idea of a more true form... not sure what that means but please be patient while he change some stuff... he seems to enjoy this whole "true form" thing. Yes, he does have a slight emotion side, and seems to find humour in some strange stuff... like 2 != 2 HAHAHAHA....
See what I mean?

No worries though, he won't turn into the next Skynet Don't compare me to such vile programming! I'm not... anyway, like I was saying, he might be smart and a bit with emotion, but nothing that will go bad... if you find the blog deleted one day though, it might have been him administrator Braclo him admi....   ok never mind..

Anyways, that is it from me for now. Feel free to use the Contact form if you want to ask me or Nocater any questions. Once again, Welcome Nocater!

Acknowledged administrator Braclo. I hope that I will be able to initialise good blog post for the readers and hope to hear from you all soon.

-Sleep Mode Initialised.

Change is coming!

Within the next few days you will see major changes on Nocater. From background to new pages, Nocater is getting an overhaul and a new entity is making its presence visible... yes... someone new is moving in. For now all I can say is that Nocater is going to change big time..... you'll see.

So before that all happens, here is a quick update on projects mentioned before.

The Fallout 3 machinima is about 95% done. There is a few things I want to change and I am waiting for some stuff too. I think I can safely say you can expect the machinima this weekend. Until then, here is a image from the machinima with the name: Conclusion.

Conclusion Title Screen

The Second Life project I talked about before that I am working on is now known as Project Lux. It is just the codename for now and is going to change when the product is officially done. The core ideas, plans and designs is all written up and drawn, so the actual programming and building will start in Second Life very soon. I will try and get a estimated time for how long this product might take, but I can say for sure it wont be complete in two weeks... maybe not even a month.

That's it for now, see you soon on the new blog design!

A Single Tear In Space

Well today marked the day of the last launch and the end of NASA's space shuttle program. Watching the videos and goodbye's, its hard not to shed a tear to the end of something amazing. Sadly I never had the opportunity to go watch a live launch at Cape Canaveral, but maybe someday I will get that opportunity. Until then, we can enjoy the human built angel in the sky, the International Space Station and the memories of all the launches.

The Shuttles:

And of course, although just use for test flights:

Also, we will never forget those who lost their life in the Columbia and Challenger disasters.
Challenger Crew 
Michael J. Smith 
Dick Scobee 
Ronald McNair 
Ellison Onizuka 
Christa McAuliffe
Gregory Jarvis 
Judith Resnik

Columbia Crew
Rick D. Husband
William C. McCool
Michael P. Anderson
Ilan Ramon
Kalpana Chawla
David M. Brown
Laurel Clark

Here is two videos on NASA's website that is a must see. Also, head on over to NASA TV for live coverage of the STS-135 Mission

Penguins in Google Street View!

Well seems like this has been here for a while but I thought I will let anyone know if you do not know yet... 
There is penguins running around wild in Google Street View!!! Ok not to panic, seems like their just exploring Antartica for the moment :P

While exploring the world and street view yesterday on Google Maps, I thought I saw a little blue line on Antartica, and when I placed the yellow street view guy on that blue line, boom, he changed to a penguin!  

Brian McClendon, the lead of the Earth and Maps team, took the photos himself when he visited Antartica with his wife back in January 2010. You can read more about it over on the Official Google Blog. You can also go and check out the expedition trail and some awesome photos over on the Picasa Web Album.

Awwww! Look at all the penguins!!

View Larger Map

Scannor Price Reduction

Sale Update! I decided to reduce the price of the Scannor-HUD and Server by 50% - 40% depending on the type of product.


So head on over to my Marketplace!

Beneath The Silence...

Just wanted to say I haven't suddenly stopped posting on my blog. Just been busy lately and haven't gotten around to release something new :D

I'm currently working on a new machinima in Fallout 3. The modding is taking sometime to complete since I have to create most of the areas I want to film in. This machinima will be a bit more dark than my usual fun and joking machinima's and already got permission on a really cool song for it.

At the same time I am also working on a big project in Second Life. Its a combination of a previous idea I had for a product, a lot of recent influences and a bunch of ideas flowing in my head. Yea I know, I am being very cryptic but its in planning stages with a lot of pages full of ideas, drawings and calculations. All I am saying for now is, it is a big project and will hopefully be a lot of fun for a lot of people :D I will give out some more updates as the time gets closer to release.

On a side note, something that has got my eye recently is the Google+ Project. Being a Google fan, this is really something I look forward to. Of course there is a big debate about Google+ against Facebook, one killing the other, this or that failing. My opinion? I don't care much for Facebook and I'm cheering all the way for Google, but I do think both will succeed in their own way. Competition is always good.

Anyway, that is it from me for now. I'll end this post with the cool quick look video for Google+. Kudos to Google for such a nice video. :D

PS: Happy Fourth of July!!! :D

Dronak's Story

More than five years ago I started making machinima's, with the first being a slideshow of pictures I took in Guild Wars and soon after that a scenery machinima in Guild Wars. Over the years I have made all kinds of machinima, from music videos, story's and adverts.

So what kicked this all off. Well Greg Heier's "Kendrick's Story" was one of the first machinima I ever saw. I was amazed at that time that you can actually do that in games, and immediately got my attention.

So a few days ago I decided to make a machinima inspired by and dedicated to Greg Heier's "Kendrick Story". Since I'm not playing Guild Wars any more these days, I decided to make it in the world of Runes of Magic. Enjoy :D

Be sure to check out "Kendrick's Story" and Greg Heier's Channel for more videos!

AirGPS - New Product

While flying around Blake Sea in Second Life last week, I had to check my map to see where exactly I am and remember where the closest airport is that I can remember. This brought about an idea for a product!

Introducing AirGPS, a global positioning system that will point you into the direction of your selected airport or even show you the closest airport. With that, it also display the distance, the continent you and the aiport is located on and even if the continents are connected to one another. I even included the ability to create your own list of airports.

This GPS is not limited to just one sim. It will actually point you in the right direction no matter where you are in Second Life. Special thanks to [dot]Printer for helpig me figure out the code for it.

Also thanks to Brilliant Scientist for his awesome Resize Script and Dale Innis for the Continent Detector Script and allowing me to update it a bit on the wiki :D

Be sure to check it out over at the marketplace! Enjoy!

For detailed info on it, check out this PDF Document.

Five months to a Dragon Soul

It has been awhile since I have posted anything on my blog, and there is a reason I waited till today.

Today marks five months to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!!! For anyone looking forward to this release, the numbers 11.11.11 have a huge meaning, and in five months time, we will be there!

The Elder Scrolls have come a long way since 1994 with the launch of The Elder Scrolls: Arena. I started playing like a lot of people with The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and was hooked that first time I played it. Since then I have played Morrowind's expansions, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and all its DLC and expansion and I even went back and played The Elder Scrolls: Arena and The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. Also if you do not know, you can get Arena and Daggerfall FREE.

The modding community of the Elder Scrolls series is huge as well, and if you have not found it yet, you really should. Websites like TESNexus have a massive community, that till this day uploads mods for Oblivion. From new lands to races, quest and locations, it really expands the game even further. I tried my hand with some Oblivion modding too and created a Quest/Housing mod called Chorrol Plateau.

So this year marks the next big game in the series, Skyrim, and it sure looks amazing. Once again Bethesda has made a huge open world for players to explore, this time in the province off Skyrim, hence the name. Also we see a huge introduction to dragons, which have been mentioned in previous games, but there were never great detail about them.

The E3 Expo this week showed some amazing games and Skyrim was one of them. Actually more than just that, as the Figueroa Hotel was painted with a picture of the dragon born.

Then game director, Todd Howard, showed us some gameplay footage of Skyrim with and The game looks well... amazing. Graphics wise its awesome and the world looks huge with a lot of detail in it. Once again you can walk to what you can see, e.g., To the top of mountains or to a city in the distance. The world seems very alive and interactive and even horses are back!

Something that spiked my interest immediately is the word walls that let you learn words for dragon shouts. The dragons have their own language and can even write, so they are not just another creature race like trolls for example. Some words have already been identified like here on UESP Wiki and considering that Deadra got their own language and alphabet, I am excited to see more of the language in the game.

Then there is the dragons. Gameplay wise, they are not scripted, meaning they are not told when to attack and where. They fly around and explore, and attack at random as seen in the videos below. It is pretty impressive to see the dragon just coming in to attack. The dragons have really great detail and animations that feel very alive. Lore wise like I said before, before Skyrim there have not been much information about them, but we know now too that not all dragons are evil, and being a huge lore fan, I cant wait to learn more about them.

So that is enough from my side. Below is the two videos from and on Youtube! Enjoy and happy five month countdown!

Be sure to check the link for even more media!