Changes Over At Youtube

Yesterday Youtube has changed the layout of the whole website, from the homepage to the channels, even the video viewing pages have some small changes.

You can read in detail what has changed on Google's official blog and you can check out the changes yourself by going to Youtube, so I am not going to go much in detail about what has changed. What I will say is that I like the new look and how it functions.

I have seen a lot of people that are against this change, saying its ugly, unorganized and I do not know what else. The funny thing is, back in 2008 when Youtube changed their layout, people were doing the exact same, complaining and cursing the new look. Now since yesterday, they have actually been fighting for that old look. I guess some people just do not like change hehe.

Like mentioned above, the channels have changed as well, so themes designed for the now old look of Youtube will not fit 100% any more and might look strange. For that, I have decided to change the background image of my channel a bit.

You will notice it looks a bit similar to this blog's background now, with a carbon type of background, blue light trails and if you have a high enough resolution screen, you will see the Taernoc Productions logo at the top sides. Maybe I will change it in the future, but for now I am happy with how it looks.

Feel free to leave a comment below on your opinion about the new look of Youtube and my channel's new background.

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