TPAD Update!

Well it has been pretty quiet on this blog lately, with the last post being the protest against SOPA, which seem to be shelved for now, woohoo! Lets hope it stays that way.

In other news, I updated an 2009 product of mine called TPAD, a Dial Home Device for the Alteran Stargate Network created by Alpha Fox for Second Life. The difference between TPAD and the other DHD's that can be found in-world is that TPAD has a much lower prim usage, 5/6 prims, compared to the 30 - 50 prim DHD's.

I recently decided to update it to look and work better. I have changed to include a crystal sculpt map located under the DHD and made three different DHD types named Industrial, Advanced and Stone. The Advanced version has a touch indicator that indicates where you have just clicked. Overall the code has been optimized big time with a script that works better and faster than before and also an automatic updater is included now.

The TPAD DHD can be found on the Marketplace! Enjoy!

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