I am happy to present Vito - a post apocalyptic machinima filmed mostly in Second Life and is a entry into MachinimUWA IV : Art of the Artists competition.

With a planet destroyed and covered in dust and rubble, humanity thought that the worse has come. That was, until any unsheltered person disappear, never to be seen again.

Everyone had a lot of fun making this machinima with enough recorded footage to make a blooper video, so enjoy :D 

A special thanks to the cast, crew and music creators for their help and participation.

Other than the credits at the end of Vito, here is all the links!

Used with permission.
Apocalypse [Suspense] - MrMusicalLion
A Real Action Scene - Tetfima

AKManipulation - Mittelmorder
Body Hitting Mat - MAJ061785
Crash - Sagetyrtle
Crash & Glass - Rock Savage
Crows outdoors - Northern87
Desertwind1FINAL - Nageor
Digging - Prozaciswack
Demonbeeyotch - NoiseCollector
Fire crackling - Dobroide
Gunshot and reload - Gcmax
HugeSlidingDoorSlamECM800 - UATaudio
Spotlight-stereo - Reidmangan

Be sure to visit UWA in Second Life!

The Wasteland is a great post-apocalyptic role playing area with several regions! Worth a look at!

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