Ants in my external hard drive cover... again!

Yup, believe it or not, I have a ant problem in my external hard drive's cover... again. I have a Seagate 1TB external... so it wasn't that easy to open it up to get the buggers out. Last week I had the problem and took care of it with a vacuum cleaner... seems like they are going after the heat of the external. It was then that I took this picture. (sorry for the quality, was a little bit in a hurry to get rid of them).

Ants in external hard drive
Ants ants ants... oh and little white eggs....

So tonight I discovered, they have returned again! Not so many as last time, but there were a few eggs again. Took care of it and read online as well that ants don't seem to like cinnamon powder.. so will be getting some tomorrow and testing it out. Ill update soon to let you know how it works.

PS. The hard drive is still working :P

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  1. Might end up shorting the drive. Try to get repellent and stop drinking tea at your desk for crying out loud!;).