Valkyrie321 - Machinima channel worth checking out

Soon after I started making machinima, I found an Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion movie that really got me interested in making machinima in Oblivion. I just started playing Oblivion then and after creating a few machinima in other games, I was looking what can be done in Oblivion. I discovered this video, and immediately subscribed to the channel, looking through previous videos made by the creator. That creator was none other than Cody Bergland, or better known by his Youtube channel, valkyrie321, and the owner of Jaggyroad Films.

Over the years Cody has gotten better with making machinima and also went commercial, making a lot of advertisement type videos for Flight Simulator X. Although the Oblivion machinima are in the past, his new stuff is just as rich, and for any machinimatographer, it is worth a look.

Above you saw one of the first machinima I saw that he made, and below you see some favourites that really catch my attention. The newest one being the machinima he just released yesterday, created in the racing game DiRT. The scenes are beautiful, the effects outstanding and the music fits it perfectly. 100% worth a watch.

Till this day, Cody is a great inspiration to me to make machinima that will really make you go "wow". Although my stuff haven't come close to the level he is on, I will continue to be inspired by his stuff to make something better each time.

Be sure to check out his channel for more videos and his website where you can download most of the videos in great detail.


  1. Thank you kindly for your blog featuring our work. This is the ultimate level of one's success to be judged by their peers. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.

    Kind and warm regards,
    -Cody Bergland
    Owner, Jaggyroad Films

  2. Your welcome and thank you for the replies :D