Dusting off the blog again!

Wow this blog gathers dust fast!

First off, sorry for the long break since my last post. A lot has happened and is still happening, so here is a quick update.

First of all I was on a three week holiday and after I returned, decided to spend some time more on gaming, waiting for the release of Guild Wars 2. Since Guild Wars was my first ever MMO, I was really looking forward to this release. It has been about two weeks now since the release and I am still enjoying the game a lot. I will write a separate post about it sometime.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am working on a new project for Second Life. I haven't touched much of the code since my last post, but tonight I went over some of the ideas for it and decided I am going to shelf a big portion of the code for another time. Since I started this project, it became more and more complicated than what I initially wanted for it, making some options almost impossible to deal with.

Most of the code for the initial idea is already written, so I made a backup tonight and going to soon start stripping out some of the unnecessary code. When done with that, I'll finish of the code that is needed, designs that still need working and add some stuff here and there and launch it with a blog and maybe even a trailer.

In any case, that is a quick update of what I have been doing.
Will hopefully post some info on the project before this blog attracts more dust!

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