New Year!

Well I know it is a little late, but Happy New Year to all! Hope you all have an awesome year!

Just some updates on what is in the works.

On the topic of Machinima, I like the idea of using Kerbal Space Program for machinima's, so it was decided that there will be a sequel to Orbital, with some ideas for episodes beyond that. The script for the next machinima is already written with here and there things that will be worked out. Filming and voice acting will most likely start this month so by the end of the month I will have a better idea of when it will be released. This is also going to be the longest machinima I ever made, so that will be interesting for sure :D

For Second Life products there isn't much to say. Haven't really been inspired to create anything new to sell, but that isn't saying I won't. If I get an idea of something interesting, I'll probably start creating it immediately :D There is some stuff I created a while back though that I might put on the marketplace soon.

Machinima's is on the top of my list for now so my Youtube channel will be relatively active for the next while. Will post again when I have new news!

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