Teporial Update!

Another update! Whoooo!
This one is for my teleport system, Teporial.

Teporial has been mostly rebuild (now partial mesh!) to add more detail to it and a spin effect was added in the center when you start to teleport. Also, the Black Rock theme from version 1 was removed and replaced by a Colors theme.

There is still a lite version that is one prim only, although the standard one is two prims now instead of four that version 1 was. Version 1 is still included when you purchase it for those that preferred the old version.

Other than that, the scripts has been slightly changed to work with the new build and to tune some stuff to work better.

For those that have already bought it, you should have received your update by now. If not, you can head on over to my in-world store and use the redeliver terminal.

Yay, Animated Gif :D

Hope you all like it! :D

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