FN Series

Greetings all!

Time for a new product... well more a series. FN Series... which is just short for Furniture Series.
First in line - a Wardrobe!

I have been looking for a wardrobe for a while but could not find one exactly like I wanted. So instead, I decided to create my own. I tried to keep it low prim, but at the same time also add smaller details.

There is a simple design in the wardrobe doors and drawers, with small details such as hinges on the sides of the doors. The doors and drawers can open & close, and just for immersion, whenever you close the door and there is drawers open in the way, it will automatically close the drawers too.

I have included two versions, one with clothing on the shelves and in the drawers, and another without any clothing. There is also a basic menu system that includes options to change between four different textures and allow you to resize it quickly.

This Wardrobe is Modify and Copy, so you can manually change the color, textures or even unlink parts without breaking anything.

Hope everyone likes it!

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