AirGPS - New Product

While flying around Blake Sea in Second Life last week, I had to check my map to see where exactly I am and remember where the closest airport is that I can remember. This brought about an idea for a product!

Introducing AirGPS, a global positioning system that will point you into the direction of your selected airport or even show you the closest airport. With that, it also display the distance, the continent you and the aiport is located on and even if the continents are connected to one another. I even included the ability to create your own list of airports.

This GPS is not limited to just one sim. It will actually point you in the right direction no matter where you are in Second Life. Special thanks to [dot]Printer for helpig me figure out the code for it.

Also thanks to Brilliant Scientist for his awesome Resize Script and Dale Innis for the Continent Detector Script and allowing me to update it a bit on the wiki :D

Be sure to check it out over at the marketplace! Enjoy!

For detailed info on it, check out this PDF Document.

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