Dronak's Story

More than five years ago I started making machinima's, with the first being a slideshow of pictures I took in Guild Wars and soon after that a scenery machinima in Guild Wars. Over the years I have made all kinds of machinima, from music videos, story's and adverts.

So what kicked this all off. Well Greg Heier's "Kendrick's Story" was one of the first machinima I ever saw. I was amazed at that time that you can actually do that in games, and immediately got my attention.

So a few days ago I decided to make a machinima inspired by and dedicated to Greg Heier's "Kendrick Story". Since I'm not playing Guild Wars any more these days, I decided to make it in the world of Runes of Magic. Enjoy :D

Be sure to check out "Kendrick's Story" and Greg Heier's Channel for more videos!

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