Dragon Age: Redemption Released!

Now if you do not know yet, where have you been?! It's been online since the tenth of October... well ok... I just noticed it today too...

So what is it? Well Dragon Age: Redemption is a web series written and starring none other than the cute Felicia Day and is set in the world of Dragon Age, a role-playing game created by Bioware. It is a story about an elvish assassin called Tallis who gets a chance at redemption, hence the name. Here is the trailer.

Felicia is mostly known for her famous series called The Guild, a show that is about an online guild in a MMORPG where they spend a lot of their daily lives. She was also seen in the funny Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog with Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion and her voice is heard in the post apocalyptic game, Fallout: New Vegas.

With the release of the first episode comes something really cool for all the Dragon Age II players, Mark of a Assassin. A downloadable adventure where Tallis, voiced by (yes you guessed it) Felicia Day and looks a bit like her, join your side to steal a precious relic. You can hear Felicia talk about it here.

So far what I have seen I like. Especially for Dragon Age fans, it will be nice to see the Dragon Age world come alive in this series. Below you can see the first episode, and keep your eyes open for the rest of the series.

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