Desperados Wanted Dead or Alive

I recently discovered one of my old games and decided to start playing it again. Desperados Wanted Dead or Alive, released in 2001, its a real-time tactics game with a wild west theme.

Desperados Cut Scene

You start with one character called John Cooper, a bounty hunter, that is interested in the bounty on a gang leader's head for robbing trains. First you will need to get a few friends to help out, and as the story progress, it becomes a lot more than just a bounty. The story is really good and with well done cut scenes and voice acting, it will keep you interested for a long time.

The game play is point and click where you basically select a action and perform it. There is a total of six characters that gets introduced as the story progress and each character also have their specific actions they can do with shooting being a general action for all characters, although the type of weapon is different for all. Fun thing about the game is, each time a new character joins your team, the following mission will be a kind of tutorial mission where you will learn each action of the character.
Desperados Gameplay

A lot of the game play depends on strategy. With the right actions at the right time, anything can be done. On that topic, you can also select a action for later use, and with the space bar, initiate that action, giving you the ability to focus on something else while your character does the action.
Desperados Gameplay

So for example what you can do, Kate O'Hara can lore a man in with showing a bit of leg. As soon as the man is close to her, she can kick him, knocking him out, allowing Samual Williams to tie him up. You can then use John Cooper to pick him up and hide him in a house or dark area where his friends can't find him and untie him. This is just one example of what can be done and with six characters, the possibilities are massive.

Desperados Gameplay

You can check out some more information and get the demo over at Spellbound. Its worth a try so I would suggest downloading it and trying it out.

Since the pre-production of some movies I have planned is taking some time and that I really like this game, I decided to make a short trailer for Desperados, showing some of the game play and cut scenes. The music I used for the trailer is by EagleGuard. You can check out the full song over at Newgrounds.

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