Japan, Media Rant, How you can help.

Most of you will already know about the earthquake and then tsunami that have hit Japan. Its really horrible, and something that really makes me sick is the way the media covers it, and its not the first time I have seen this.

Each time there is a major natural disaster, the media is all over it with news and footage. This is good if you want to know what is going on, but I have seen times where the facts are hyped up and footage of people really needing help. Of course, instead of helping, all the media does is filming.

I see no point why they can't help out, and don't even give me that bull "but the world has to see what is going on". Thats just a weak &"&£^$* excuse to sit and do nothing. Put down that camera and help some people! Use the resources you have for filming people suffering the whole time and get people food, water and any help they need. You will do a lot more good helping some people than showing the world the suffering.
[/End Rant]

Onto what you can do to help:
If you would like to help out by donating, and your in Second Life, go and buy a Relief bear from Linden Labs. All the proceeds will be donated to the relief effort and there is different priced and type of bears you can buy. Read more here!

Relief Bear
Linden Relief Bear and I

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