Beneath The Silence...

Just wanted to say I haven't suddenly stopped posting on my blog. Just been busy lately and haven't gotten around to release something new :D

I'm currently working on a new machinima in Fallout 3. The modding is taking sometime to complete since I have to create most of the areas I want to film in. This machinima will be a bit more dark than my usual fun and joking machinima's and already got permission on a really cool song for it.

At the same time I am also working on a big project in Second Life. Its a combination of a previous idea I had for a product, a lot of recent influences and a bunch of ideas flowing in my head. Yea I know, I am being very cryptic but its in planning stages with a lot of pages full of ideas, drawings and calculations. All I am saying for now is, it is a big project and will hopefully be a lot of fun for a lot of people :D I will give out some more updates as the time gets closer to release.

On a side note, something that has got my eye recently is the Google+ Project. Being a Google fan, this is really something I look forward to. Of course there is a big debate about Google+ against Facebook, one killing the other, this or that failing. My opinion? I don't care much for Facebook and I'm cheering all the way for Google, but I do think both will succeed in their own way. Competition is always good.

Anyway, that is it from me for now. I'll end this post with the cool quick look video for Google+. Kudos to Google for such a nice video. :D

PS: Happy Fourth of July!!! :D

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