Vito's Results

Well this past Sunday the end has arrived for the MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artists and the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge where the winners were announced.

There were a lot of people and if you ever visited the UWA-BOSL Grand Amphitheatre, you would know that it is located on the corners of four sims to maximise the ammount of people that can attend. Well it got so crowded that two of the sims crashed (I think even more than once)... yup, that is how many people there were.

Nonetheless, it was an amazing event with The Phoenix Embers Showcats opening it, followed by Jayjay Zifanwe announcing the winners of the MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artists and then the winners of the  UWA 3D Open Art Challenge.

Below is the top three winners of the MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artists:
First place went to Tutsy Navarathna with "Welcome to the Other Side".

"Artwashers" by Friday Siamendes in Second Place

"Art of the Artists" by Fuschia Nightfire in third place.

For the 3D Open Art Challange, "Digital Love" by Misprint Thursday got first, with "In Dreams" by Blue Tsuki second and "The Chasm" by Oberon Onmura third.

There were a lot more winners (see below for the link to the full list), but sadly Vito did not receive any award; and soon after that, real life started seeking my attention.

Then yesterday I got a notice that Open This End, one of the main sponsors for the event, has provided 25 Awards of Excellence for MachinimUWA IV.  As I was very happy to discover, Vito has received Open This End Award Of Excellence For Film Narrative!

With that I would also like to mention how the review went for Vito on the 9th. Before the grand finale, a review of all the machinima took place, hosted by AviewTV & Indy Radio and reviewed by guest panelists from the 8th - 10th of December. After the review and interview for Vito, the guest panelists gave a score out of 5; and on average, between the four panelists, I am happy to say Vito got 3.5 out of 5.

Overall I am happy with the results for Vito and I am very proud of the award and the score from the panelists. It has been a great experience and the reviews Vito received are very helpful to release even better machinima in the future.

I would like to send a shout out and a big thanks to the cast and crew that were part of Vito. Without you, this would not have been possible. You all did a amazing job and it was great fun working with you. I would also like to thank Jayjay Zifanwe for organising the MachinimUWA event and everybody involved with it. They all go to great lengths to organise and host great events for artists. Last but not least, congratulations to all the winners!

If you would like to read more about the winners and the final event, you can head over to the The University of Western Australia in Second Life blog.

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