Remembering 2011, 2012 Plans

Well it is the end of the year 2011 and in +-24 hours (depending where you are) we will be celebrating the start of 2012! Before we head out to the parties, here is a recap of 2011 with Nocater, Taernoc Productions and other events.

I restarted this blog the 28th of January this year after it gathered some dust for more than a year. Over the year, several themes has come and gone, we had an A.I. back in July for a short while and overall with this post, there was 68 posts in total.

Over this year I have released 8 machinima (9 counting the bloopers video for Vito) and entering for the first time into a competition, MachinimUWA, with Vito walking away with a Narrative award and Journey To The Top presented at a primary school.

With the release of Journey To The Top in April, my machinima productions also started with the name Taernoc Productions which is seen on all my machinima following it. Thanks to Oscar Remius, Taernoc Productions's logo got a new sound effect with the release of Conclusion in August.

I have also released six sets of Second Life products (about 26 items) over the year, from movie products like camera's and director chairs, to an airport gps , radio communication system and more. With this I have also updated several of my old products and changed my in-world store several times but never finishing it (something that will be done in 2012).

Other than that I made several other posts about interesting things I found on the internet, the countdown and release to Skyrim and machinima/machinimatographers worth checking out.

So what are the plans for 2012?
First of all I am going to finish the build I am working on in Second Life that is going to be a store/base/theater and maybe more. I am currently making all kinds of different parts to it, so it will work like a building kit, making it easy to set up since I am considering selling it when I am done. On the topic of Second Life, there is also some updates I want to start working on for some products and get some other products out there which I have ideas for.

I also want to get several machinima out there, some new, some sequels. Since a lot of people really liked Journey To The Top, I want to focus a great deal on a sequel for that. There is also ideas falling around for the sequel of Vito so you will most likely see one coming out for that as well. Other than that there is some ideas in my head for some small machinima and a new series that I think will be very interesting to see.

...and that is it! It is the end of 2011 with a year full of amazing times, and also not so great ones.
I will leave you with this amazing video created by Google that really show what 2011 was about!
I hope everyone have an awesome New Year's Eve and Happy New Year!

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