Battle Prims!

It is time for a new product! Wooohooo!
Introducing, Battle Prims!

Here is the description :D
Battle Prims is a game of combat in which your Battle Prim takes to the arena and fights for glory. The Battle Prim can attack, evade, block and heal based on the settings you select and arena you choose. Arenas can have up to eight starting points, with several blocking and healing power ups that will give your battle prim an edge over its opponent. You choose the settings. You choose the arena. The Battle will determine the ultimate victor.

In the future I am going to update this game, with more skins for the Battle Prims and different type of arenas. I am also looking into making another type of battle mode and maybe even make it possible so that people can make skins and arenas for the game :D

The reason why I have not finished all of this before releasing it is because I would like to get feedback and see what people are interested in seeing next in Battle Prims.

The Battle Prims package comes with a free two player arena so that you can challenge a friend to battle in it :D I will be releasing a four player arena soon!

I hope everyone likes the game and looking forward to hearing your feedback!
You can get Battle Prims from my store in the marketplace!

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