Transporting Goods - Skyrim Style!

So adventuring through the land of Skyrim, I decided to gather what I can from a Dwemer ruin and walk back the Kynesgrove.

After I walked a bit due to the fact that I am over encumbered and can't run ,I discovered a little wooden cart next to the road and an idea popped in my head!

Loading up the goods.

Running with it!

At Kynesgrove - Time for smelting!

I ended up with 59 Dwemer ingots from smelting! :D

To Note: Running and pushing the cart works really well, but the items disappear when you cross certain areas. As far as I can tell, this is when you go across a cell border in the game world, or something similar. Also quick save and quick load while the items were in the cart made them disappear.

What I did is do a quick save, place all the items in the cart and run with it. When they disappear, I know where it happens, so I quick load and place the items in the cart again, run with it and stop before that area, pick it all up and push the cart over that area, and repeat.

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