Film Chair - 2.0

Update time again :D

Film Chair has been updated to version 2.0.

So what is different? Well, almost everything, although most is not visible.
The chair is now 100% mesh. I rebuild it based on the 1.0 look so it looks the same, but has a lot better LOD and much sharper corners compared to the 1.0 sculpty version.

The script has mostly been rewritten to make it work much better and a lot faster than the older version. Also, there is only one script now that does it all, compared to the three scripts before, one of them being the poseball script that is no more needed as there is no poseball! So less prims... well actually, the chair is only one prim now :D

The rest (titles and animation) is the same with textures appearing different with some themes. This is due to the fact that I used different textures on some themes, and that textures display much better with mesh than sculpty.

I hope everyone likes the new update :D

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