April Script Frenzy!

We all have a stage-play, TV show or movie we enjoy, but where does it all start? Well we all know (hopefully) that the story first need to be created and written. Okay true... some movies really forgot that part, maybe that's why they never reach the top, but for the this-is-my-favorite-movie-for-eternity type of movies, the story makes the biggest impact.

So what does this have to do with Script Frenzy? This is a donation-funded nonprofit event to write a script of screenplay, TV show, graphic novel, stage-play, short film, etc. of 100 pages in the month of April. There is no fee to participate and when you reach 100 pages, you will be awarded a Script Frenzy Winners Certificate and a web icon!

Obviously there is a few little things to check out before you dive in and write a 40 hour long movie (O.O). Formatting is really important when writing a screenplay because it is a method of letting anyone be able to read it and imagine it as if it is playing in front of them. Formatting is like learning to count before doing rocket science mathematics, or learning to draw circles before drawing the Mona Lisa V2. But do not fear! Its not really that hard to learn.

Im hoping to take part myself and try my luck with writing a screenplay. It will be good experience and with nothing to loose, maybe it will even improve future machinima's I make! So head over to SCRIPT FRENZY, sign up, check out the writers resources and have some fun this April. Hope to see you there!

PS: You can now find a countdown timer on the side of my blog for the time left until Script Frenzy!

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