Machinima’s is something I really enjoy watching and making which some of you might know if you ever seen my Youtube channel. It’s becoming more and more popular, with some games even including video recording capabilities and tools for making videos.

For the people that I already lost about what machinima is, it’s basically movies that are made with 3D engines, usually games, and the term came from machine + cinema. If you want to read in detail about it, check out Wikipedia here:

There is a lot of machinima’s out there. From romance to action, music videos to documentaries, games like Halo to World of Warcraft, Flight Simulator to Second Life, you can find something for your taste.

Easiest way to find machinima’s is to head over to a video site like Youtube and just do a search for Machinima or head over to sites like Koinup that is dedicated to machinima’s.

Below are some of my favourites that I have seen over the years. I have a lot more that I really enjoy, but this list is going to get very, very long if I post all of them.  Some of these were made years ago, so do not expect HD quality with some of them.

Kendrick's Story - Max Damage Studios [Guild Wars - Comedy]
One of the first machinima’s I have seen, this one has stuck with me from the start.

 The Letter Home - Jaggyroad Films [The Elder Scrolls - Adventure]
A movie created by Valkyrie321, it inspired me even more to get into Machinima’s more seriously.

World of Warcraft: Here Without You – Dimoroc [World of Warcraft - Romance]
A well done movie with a great story, this is proof that effects and detailed editing is NOT needed to make an amazing movie.

Elyonim: An FSX Story - Lotus Films [Flight Simulator X - Romance]
With an amazing story, this was an unexpected movie for Flight Simulator. It’s a kind of love story, and really worth checking out.

From Yesterday – Jaydee [Sims 2 - Action]
An excellent movie made in Sims 2 with the song From Yesterday - 30 Second to Mars.

Breaking - X-Cross [World of Warcraft – Music Video]
Actually a mix of WoW and Garry's mod, this movie will show you what can really be done with excellent effects and editing in machinima’s.

Man vs. Second Life - Sean Krueger [Second Life - Comedy]
Very funny and well done machinima made in Second Life. This one will leave you laughing for some time. Be sure to check out Man vs. Second Life 2 as well!

The Craft of War: Blind - Percula [World of Warcraft - Action]
Full of action with custom animation, amazing editing and well thought out story, this is a must see for all. You won’t regret it.

Red vs. Blue - Rooster Teeth [Halo - Comedy]
One of the most well known series, it is filled with humour and crazy random events.

Dragon Age: Warden's Fall - Riot Films [Dragon Age: Origins - Action]
Good story and production, this is worth watching, especially if you are a fan of Dragon Age.

There is a lot more machinima’s out there, but maybe in the near future I will post a part 2 to this to prevent this current list from getting to long. Hope you enjoy these video's and feel free to comment below with your favorite machinima!

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