Domain Name Change and Facebook Rant

Sadly won't be reachable anymore. Due to the fact that facebook seem to hate free domain/subdomain names and some other reasons, I decided to change it to the blogspot name

[Rant] Maybe its just me, but its really unprofessional that a website like Facebook to not review the websites they block, or even worse, block all domain extensions. As far as I can see it, was blocked because the domain extensions of has been used by people for evil purposes. Totally different websites, but because of that, Facebook seem to have decided to block ALL domains, and whats worse, it sounds like that they are blocking .tk sites aswell.

So why do I think all sites is being blocked? Because could not have been blocked for abusive content or spam. If you look through the post, does anything look like abusive content to you? I have filed a ticket about, but since that won't be reachable anymore, I doubt that I will receive a reply.[/Rant]

I apologize for the inconvenience and for people that have bookmarked the site. For now until I find a better alternative (like buying a domain name), you can find this blog at this address

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