Turn off the lights!

YouTube is a great site for sharing and watching any kind of videos but something that has never been changed is the extreme white background of videos. When watching a dark video it can really be hard to see what is going on, especially if you can't maximize the video because of quality.

So here is the solution to the problem. Turn of the lights!

Turn off the lights!

This extension by Stefan vd darkens everything around the video, only showing the video, making it a lot easier to watch videos.YouTube is only an example as well since it has the white background. This extension will also work at Vimeo and other flash player video sites.

And don't worry about your browser not being supported, this extension works for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera!

Read more and download over at the official website

The extension is in English.
The website is in Dutch with a translator tool for all that don't understand Dutch.

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