New Movie and Production Name!

It is finally done, the movie I have been working on for the past few weeks!
This one is called "Journey to the Top" and its a entry for the MachinUWA III: Journeys Challenge. The theme of this challenge is Journeys, so it is pretty open to what you want to do. Also one major rule is that the Journey start/end at the Winthrop Clock tower at the UWA sim. 

Heres the story: "Drax is a Micro that is always in search of adventure, with his newest inspiration being to journey to the top of Winthrop Clock tower at the UWA sim. But what is any adventurer without his friends, so he decides to convince Vi to join him to be the first Micros to reach the top of Winthrop Clocktower."

This is actually my first machinima with voice acting and also the first one that I have so many songs in one movie.

Taernoc Productions is also launched! :D This is the new productions name that my movies will go under from now on ^^. You can see the new logo and intro at the start of the machinima and the logo and name is already on my Youtube page. I'll probably update the theme soon too ^^

So here it is, Journey to the Top!

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