New Product Series Released!

Yes, they are finally done and for sale over at the marketplace! Film productions products off all kinds to enhance your machinima production just that bit more! There is a Film chair, Boom Mic, Movie Camera, Camera Crane, Movie Star Trailer, Movie Light, Clapperboard, Megaphone, Tripod and Studio Camera. Some of them offer free updates as well when I release new ones ^^

I was busy making my most recent machinima “Journey to the Top” when I wanted to take some photos of me doing filming when I realised I need to make cameras! From there idea after idea flowed in my head and I just made more stuff ^^.

I also updated the boxes that my products are delivered in. They have an unpacker now to give the box’s contents neatly in a folder for you. With this, it also animates the container, like opening it up with a nice sound effect. Check the pictures below.

Containers ClosedContainers Open

I am offering full support for all my products once again and I will be looking at my old products in the near future and updating them if need be. Now stop reading and go do some shopping! :D

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