Hi all!

Well I been busy working on that series of objects I want to release soon, but in the mean time I decided to spend some times on logo's as well and decided to share them here too.
One of them some of you most likely already saw and that is the one of Taernoc Productions. It is the new name of my machinima productions and can be seen at the start and end of my newest movie, "Journey to the Top".

Taernoc Productions Logo
Taernoc Productions - All Rights Reserved.

The other logo is a redesign of Braclo Novo, my Second Life store. Since im going to release my new projects and begin updating my old ones, I found it appropriate to start with a new logo aswell.

Braclo Novo Logo
Braclo Novo - All Rights Reserved.

Watch this space as I will be updating it with pictures and descriptions of my new products soon.

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