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Greetings all!

Well been a while since I have updated this blog, so decided it’s about time I post something here and let you know what I been up to and what’s news.

Products: First, I am working on a new product in Second Life. Based on an old thing I made for my role-playing group, I decided to redo it and make it compatible for most situations. The coding is so to say done, some building still needs to be done and some designs need to be finished, so overall, it’s about 90%. Be sure to watch this space, as I will launch it soon.

Movies wise, there is an idea for a movie but some details need to be looked over so no confirmation that is going to be filmed yet. I am also currently working on a promotional movie for a pretty cool region. More details and the video coming soon.

For the Drax and Vi fans, there has been a lot of talk and ideas flying around for a new movie with them. People really seem to like it, so the possibility of one happening is very likely, but the ideas have not been put on paper yet, so it will still be a little while.

April Script Frenzy... well sadly I ended up not taking part in it. I was spending my time more on other stuff and decided in the end that I just do not have the time for it.

Journey to the Top... Well it has been entered into the Machinima UWA III competition and people seem to really like! The winners will be announced at an event on the 22nd of May. Be sure to check out the official post at the UWA in SL Blog for info how you can even take part! Oh! In addition, check that video while you are there!

Ants! I recently posted about an ant problem in my external hard drive. Well, I tried out the cinnamon powder as suggested on some websites, but sadly, it did not seem to have much effect. Seems like they will avoid it slightly, but if their determined, they are not bothered. Maybe some other types of ants do not like cinnamon powder, but I do now know enough of ants to confirm that. In the end, I won by switching off my external hard drive when not in use, meaning it is cold a lot of the time and they lose interest.

Well that is all from me for now, watch this space for updates to come :D

Oh! I updated the sidebar of the blog a bit, so you more easily find post under certain topics!

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