New Product! Introducing... Scannor!

It is finally here and can now be found on the marketplace!
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Scannor is the new way to make events more interactive and fun. It is a system that shows to the resident, with the Scannor-HUD, how far they are from the treasure and this is showed with a flashing light/repeating sound. It is almost like a hot/cold game. You get closer, the Scannor-HUD beeps and flash faster, you go further away, and it beeps and flashes slower.

Just to make something clear at the start - this is NOT a cheating item. This item will NOT tell you exactly where the treasure is. It will only show you with sound and visual flashing, so it will still take the resident time to find the items while making it more fun for them to take part in events.

What happens is that the owner set up their event and treasures using the Scannor-Server. The resident comes along, click the Scannor-Server and receive the event settings (if they pass the limitations e.g., If it is set to group only) and their Scannor-HUD is updated with the name, number of treasures to be found and more. Now the resident can run around, click scan, and check their flash indicator to see how they are doing. The residents also have an attachment, e.g., Flashlight for Role Playing purposes. These attachments only change color or light and do not indicate anything else that would indicate to other residents where treasure is. Same with the sound by the HUD, which can only be heard by the resident wearing it.

I have released four different HUDs and four different Servers. There is also a HUD Multi-Pack and a Server Multi-Pack.I will probably create different HUDs in the near future. If anyone has a theme to suggest, feel free and I will look into it :D


For more information:
Scannor-HUD Manual
Scannor-Server Manual

You can contact me in Second Life as Braclo Eber.

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