Update... Again!? Yes, yes it is!

Another update!! This time it's my BanP - Ban line detector so that you know when they are coming toward you like a rock!

For all the none - Second Lifers, Ban Lines are the result of people setting their piece of land to only allow certain people to enter. Other than being an eye sore, any vehicle you are in when driving into them will be stuck! Since you do not always see the lines fast enough or until your too close to do something, a lot of people's peaceful driving experience is interrupted by them.

To prevent that, I created a detector back in 2009 to detect these lines from 200 meters away. It helps a lot to avoid ban lines and makes the experience more fun :D. So I have updated it and changed a lot.

Other than the design (there is a wood and tech version now in the box), I have rewrote and combined some for a faster and less laggy experience. I have also changed some guidelines to detect regions better, include an automatic updater for when I launch new updates again, and finally, an optimized lag free resizer so that you can resize the HUD very easily.

So what are you waiting for? Go do some shopping at my store :D

About the resizer: Standard resize scripts in Second Life used to be (and at some places still are!) where the creator have put a script in every piece of prim for hair or clothing. That means there is sometimes up to 50 or more scripts just for hair!!

The thing about this resizer script is it is only ONE script. One script does the whole job that 50 or so did in the past and it works fast and very lag free! This is thanks to Brilliant Scientist, Maestro Linden and Ann Otoole!! You can check out the script over at the Second Life Wiki or if you want to get it as a freebie straight to Second Life, head over to the Marketplace where Ann Otoole is giving it away ^^

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